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Trinidad State Beach
The northern coast of California extends for hundreds of miles – rocky coves and pebbly beaches, silvery driftwood logs tossed up willy nilly on the sand, tide pools inhabited with exciting sea creatures for kids to discover, where towering redwood groves meet the sea, and the tang of salt air is so sweet.
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Travel for Kids has so many fun things to do with kids on the North Coast, but you'll need a fun place to stay.

Here's our own Travel for Kids hand-picked list of family hotels for the North Coast, including Bodega Bay, Guerneville, Eureka, all styles and price ranges and near to places you'll want to explore:

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Operation Redwood  
Operation Redwood
S. Terrell French

In Mendocino, the old-growth redwoods are about to be cut down, but Julian and his friends have a plan to save the grove – a tree house protest. Wonderful local color, you too can sit in the branches of a towering coast redwood, a thousand years old. (Chapter book)


Jason Chin

Discover the amazing coast redwoods of California; they live for more than 2,000 years and are the tallest trees on earth. Gorgeous illustrations, from seedling on the forest floor to treetops high in the sky, capture the wonder and majesty of the redwood forest. (Picture book)


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