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Nevada is a fascinating state, especially if kids haven't seen a wild burro, hiked in the desert, toured an underground mine, taken a stagecoach ride or heard the lonely whistle of a steam train in the wide open spaces.Explore Nevada from Lake Tahoe to Great Basin National Park (home to bristlecone pines, oldest trees in the world), wild west Virginia City, Hoover Dam, and the bright lights of Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas
Lake Mead Hoover Dam
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nevada kids books Looking Closely Across the Desert  

Nevada is the driest state in the US, but the desert is not a wasteland. Here’s a super book about looking at the desert wonders – prickly pear cactus, spiny lizards, desert bighorn sheep, golden poppies, agave, white sand dunes. Gorgeous close-up photographs.(Picture book)



It's 1862, P.K. Pinkerton is only twelve years old when he arrives in Virginia City, a wild west town full of gamblers, gold miners, desperados, and the writer Sam Clemens (Mark Twain). On the run from two outlaws, can P.K. stay alive and register his deed to a silver mine? A super adventure. (Chapter book)


The Haunted Horse of Gold Hill kids mystery nevada  

Mystery adventures of Paige and her friend Meggie around Virginia City and Gold Hill – an abandoned mine, rescuing wild horses from illegal smugglers, and what about the mysterious mustang colt that keeps saving their lives? Lots of Nevada legend and lore. (Chapter book)


The Orange Slipknot
Jan Young, Pat Lehmkuhl

Ben lives with his family on a cattle ranch in northern Nevada, but nothing seems to go right. When a horse gets loose and breaks a leg, Ben’s in hot water with the mean old cow boss, but on a snowy day out in the mountains, Ben saves the guy’s life. Wonderful local color, inspired by kids who ride and rope today. (Chapter book)


Off Like the Wind! nevada kids pony express  
Off Like the Wind!
Michael Spradlin, Layne Johnson

1860. Go with the first Pony Express riders, delivering mail from Missouri to California in just eleven days.  Five hundred miles of the route crossed Nevada Territory, through a desert wilderness and up into the high mountains.  Action packed illustrations.  (Picture book)


The Hoover Dam
Jeffrey Zuehlke

Before you visit Hoover Dam, read the story of this engineering marvel – one of the largest dams in the world. Why was the dam built, how many people did it take to build, how much cement is in the dam? (Picture book)


nevada kids books Hoover Dam
S is for Silver kids books nevada  
S is for Silver
Eleanor Coerr, Darcie Park

Discover Nevada from A to Z, in quick rhymes and fun facts, with illustrations that capture its history and natural wonders. " R stands for our state Reptile.  The desert tortoise is very wise.  Hiding away from heat and cold, so it might live to be 70 years old. " (Picture book)


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