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The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela  

Take a panoramic journey with Benjamin of Tudela, a great medieval traveler. Benjamin always dreamed of seeing Jerusalem, so by foot, by ship, he traveled from Spain, to Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem, and then he kept traveling, by camel, by donkey to Persia and Egypt. A captivating story, imaginatively illustrated, that brings the 12th century to life. (Picture book)


A new year, a new day. Celebrate Lunar New Year with Korean traditions and new, beautiful clothes. In each exquisite illustration, a little girl dresses herself in a red silk skirt, socks and shoes embroidered with flower, satin winter hat, a lucky bag and charm.  (Picture book)


New Clothes for New Year's Day
The Lost Cities  
The Lost Cities
Dale Peck

Swept away on the Sea of Time, two kids, Charles and Susan, voyage with the Drift House to a missing Viking colony in Greenland, vanished Wendat (Huron) tribes in Newfoundland, the tower of Babel, lost cities of Troy, Roanoke, Pompeii. A magical read, filled with mystery and adventure. (Chapter book)


My Tour of Europe
Ellen Jackson, Catherine Brighton

In 1869, when Teddy Roosevelt was a boy, he spent a year traveling around Europe with his family.  What an adventure, touring England, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy.  This is his journal, with lovely illustrations of children traveling in 19th century style.  (Picture book)


My Tour of Europe
Adventures of the Treasure Fleet  

Explore the world in 1405, with the treasure ships that sailed from China. On these epic voyages, the fleet journeyed to Southeast Asia, India, Saudi Arabia, all the way to Africa and back, fighting pirates, trading silks for spices, weathering violent storms, returning home with giraffes, lions, leopards, medicines, gold, silver, and rare jewels.  Enchanting illustrations express the wonder and excitement of new lands.  (Picture book)


The Biggest Soap
Carole Lexa Schaefer

On a South Pacific island, it’s story time around the washing pool, but little Kessy’s mom needs more soap.  On this way to buy soap at the neighborhood store, Kessy’s adventures become the best story yet! Delightfully illustrated in warm tropical colors.  (Picture book)


The Biggest Soap
Tiger of the Snows  
Tiger of the Snows
Robert Burleigh, Ed Young

A song for Tenzing Norgay, tiger of the snows, child of the Himalayas, who dreamed of a mountain, the Mother of Winds -- Mt. Everest.  Breathtaking illustrations and poetic verse express the wonder and danger as Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary ascend the highest peak for the first time.   (Picture book)


The Legend of the Wandering King
Laura Gallego García

In the Arabian desert, a prince aspires to be great poet, so much so that he imprisons the best poet, a modest carpet weaver. His kingdom ruined, the prince wanders a seemingly endless desert filled with djinns, bandits, Bedouins, a beautiful companion, camels, caravans, and the fabled carpet. A magical read! (Chapter book)


The Legend of the Wandering King
The Adventures of Thor, The Thunder God  

The Vikings were great storytellers, and their best stories were about the god Thor.  Norse tales of Thor’s magic hammer and the dwarves who made it, contests between the gods and giants, Loki playing tricks, and more. Bold, striking illustrations, like a thunderbolt from the sky. (Picture book)


Pocahontas – Princess of the New World
Kathleen Krull, David Diaz

Pocahontas was only eleven years old when English colonists arrived on the shores of Virginia.  Praised for her “wit and spirit,” she saved John Smith's life (twice) and later traveled to England.  With courage and curiosity, Pocahontas cartwheeled between two worlds, the old and the new. (Picture book)


Pocahontas - Princess of the New World
The Adventures of Marco Polo  

13th century. Take a trip with teenage Marco Polo on the Silk Road to the fabled land of Cathy, returning to Venice after 24 years.  Fabulous illustrations conjure up the wonder and excitement of caravans in the desert, the court of Kublai Khan, strange animals, exotic peoples, splendid cities, pirates at sea.  (Illustrated chapter book)


Tyger! Tyger!
Elizabeth Stanley

In an ancient monastery, monks and tigers in the jungle live peacefully side by side, until poachers threaten the tigers.  Guided by a dream, the monks take two tiger cubs into the temple to provide a sanctuary. Gorgeous illustrations capture the deep-flowing harmony between human and animal worlds.  (Picture book)


Tyger Tyger
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