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Join the Society of Intrepid Explorers to sail to faraway lands, meet new people, brave hot jungles and dry deserts, seek out strange plants and animals, and search for lost cities. What to bring (explorer’s tool kit), training for adventure, famous past explorers, pop-ups, letters, booklets, board game. “Remember – wherever you go … go boldly!” (Activity book)


Red Butterfly
Deborah Noyes, Sophie Blackall

A Chinese princess leaves her homeland to marry the king of Khotan, a far away desert oasis in central Asia. She says goodbye to her father’s kingdom, but hidden in her long black hair, she carries the secret of silk. Gorgeous illustrations, like a scarf floating on the wind.(Picture book)


One City, Two Brothers
Chris Smith, Aurelia Fronty

A Jewish fable and Arab folktale, long before there was a city on a hill, two brothers farmed in the valley. After a good harvest, the older brother secretly shares grain with his brother, but the younger brother also has a surprise gift. On a moonlit night, the brothers meet on the hill, and on this spot, Jerusalem was founded. A shining story, wonderfully illustrated. (Picture book)


Follow the Drinking Gourd
Jeanette Winter

"When the sun comes back, and the first quail calls, follow the drinking gourd." Look to the sky to see the stars, and learn the song the runaway slaves sang to follow a map to freedom. Stunning illustrations portray the long road north. (Picture book)


Mazes Around the World
Mary Lankford, Karen Dugan

History and legends of labyrinths and mazes – ancient Greek and Egyptian labyrinths, stone mazes in Sweden, water mazes in England, corn mazes in North America, hedge mazes in South Africa. Super illustrations, especially children running through the mazes. (Picture book)


Around the World in 80 Tales
Saviour Pirotta, Richard Johnson

Stories galore from countries on six continents, timeless tales filled with adventure, humor, magic, and tradition, accompanied by sparkling illustrations. Let the kids pick which country to visit.
(Picture book)


Safari in South Africa  
Safari in South Africa
Amanda Lumry, Laura Hurwitz

Young Riley and Alice head to South Africa to track baby animals in the wild - cheetah, nyalas, baboons, giraffes, black and white rhinos, leopards, bushbabies, and more. Importance of conservation, and super photographs of all the animals! (Picture book)


On the Road Again!
Marie-Louise Gay, David Homel

Hilarious adventures of a family living in a small village in Europe – running with bulls through the streets of town, snail hunting and mushroom collecting, bleating sheep migrations, champagne bottle tops whizzing through the air at a family celebration, and more. (Chapter book)


39 Clues  

Join Dan and Amy Cahill on a worldwide quest, following 39 clues to discover a treasure (and real prizes). The first hint leads you to Ben Franklin’s secret message in Philadelphia, then on to the catacombs of Paris, the maze of bones. Read the books (more global adventures forthcoming) and play an online game. (Chapter book)


The Raucous Royals
Carlyn Beccia

Rumors about royals around the world, "Henry VIII was so fat he had to be carried by his servants?" "Louis XIV took only three baths in his life?" "Prince Dracula was a real vampire?" "Peter the Great wasn't so great?" True, false, or you decide – be the history detective. (Picture book)


Dig It! Buried Treasure  

Learn about treasures around the world and big digs by archeologists, legends of pirates and gold. Search for treasure yourself – make your own mini-museum, go on a backyard treasure hunt, play the card game of fame or fortune, and unearth the treasure that comes with the kit. (Activity book)


Wangari's Trees of Peace
Jeanette Winter

In Kenya, Wangari Maathai looks at the barren land where all the trees have been cut down, and she starts by planting nine seedlings. She convinces village women to plant seedlings, the seeds of hope, and in time, a green umbrella spreads all over Africa. Gorgeous, colorful illustrations capture Wangari’s vision and the beauty and wonder of the Earth. (Picture book)


Wangari's Trees of Peace
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