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Animals Marco Polo Saw
Sandra Markle, Daniela Terrazzini

In 1271, go with Marco Polo on an adventure, from Italy to Cathay. See Persian lions in ancient ruins, mountain yaks, snow cats in Tajikistan, camels trekking across the deserts, Mongolian horses, and the mountain sheep named after Marco Polo. Enchanting illustrations. (Picture book)


Travel around the work with Mouk, visiting old friends and making new ones. Explore Finland in winter, try dolmas in Greece, dance under a coconut tree in Madagascar, decorate an elephant in India, picnic under a cherry tree in Japan, ride the reed boats in the Andes, and more. Delightful collages and reusable stickers. (Picture book)


Building with Nature
Rachel Rodriguez, Julie Paschkis

Discover Antoni Gaudi, the architect that created the most amazing buildings and turned nature into art. At Casa Batllo, a fireplace hides under a mushroom cap. Hallways look like underwater caverns. The house sparkles like the sea. Gorgeous illustrations, this is a gem. (Picture book


The Ramayana epic, told for thousands of years, is a story filled with divine avatars, adventures of Rama and Sita, the magical monkey Hanuman, plus hordes of demons. This contemporary retelling, fabulously illustrated, is timeless. (Picture book)


Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods & Heroes
Matthew Reinhart, Robert Sabuda

Worldwide mythology and legends of ancient Egypt, Mt. Olympus, Norse gods and the greatest Viking; Polynesian goddess Pele, Jade Emperor in heaven, Aztec plumed serpent and more. The pop-ups are incredible! (Pop-up book)


The Dreamer
Pam Munoz Ryan & Peter Sis

As a boy growing up in Chile, Neftali Reyes dreams of words and jeweled beetles, he listens to the sounds of winter rain and the chucao bird, and in time he changes his name to Pablo Neruda, the great poet. A magical read, fabulously illustrated! (Chapter book)


Mama Miti  
Mama Miti
Donna Jo Napoli, Kadir Nelson

Wangari Maathai changed Kenya, tree by tree. She taught families to plant trees for food, for shelter, to cure and feed animals, preserve streams, and for the pure joy of their white flowers. Thayu nyumba - Peace, my people. (Picture book)


Flags of the World
Sylvie Bednar

A flag can tell you a lot about a country – its history, traditions and culture. Here's a wonderful collection of all the flags of the world, plus fascinating facts about each flag and country. (Picture book)


Tortilla Sun  
Tortilla Sun
Jennifer Cervantes

A young girl spends her summer with her grandmother in a rustic village in New Mexico. There, she learns to listen for the wind's voice, to make tortillas round like the sun, to find yerbas in the moonlight, and ride the skies. (Chapter book)


The Chiru of High Tibet
Jacqueline Martin, Linda Wengerter

In a place so high and so cold live the chiru. Their wool is highly prized and due to poachers, the herds are endangered. Five explorers follow the chiru through rugged mountains to find the secret calving grounds. Beautifully illustrated. (Chapter book)


Jonathan Swift's Gulliver
Martin Jenkins, Chris Riddell

Action packed retelling of Gulliver's travels by Jonathan Swift. Marvelous, panoramic illustrations bring to life Gulliver in Lilliput, the giants of Brobdingnag, floating island of Laputa, the gentle Houyhnhnm horses and beastly Yahoos. (Chapter book)


Moon Bear
Brenda Z. Guiberson, Ed Young

"Who blinks in the sunlight that peeks through the Himalayas? Sleepy moon bear, waking up from a long winter snooze." Follow one moon bear throughout the year in the mountains and valleys of Asia. Exquisite collages! (Chapter book)


Moon Bear
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