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Go on a worldwide journey with animals who migrate to the Arctic region. Some swim (a young gray whale goes for eight weeks without feeding), some fly (even from Antarctica), some walk all the way (caribou trek across snow and icy rivers). (Picture book)


Tales from India
Jamila Gavin, Amanda Hall

"Before the world began, there was only a white sea of milk. Floating on the sea of milk was a single lotus flower." Fabulous Hindu cosmic stories, gods of light and darkness, Hanuman the monkey king, beloved Ganesh, evil demons, divine princesses, and epic battles. Magical jewel-like illustrations! (Chapter book)


Tales from India

If You Lived Here
Giles Laroche

Step into homes from around the world – decorated African houses, Chinese tulous, cave dwellings, houses on stilts, Venetian palace, yurts, Swiss chalet, and more. Fabulous cut-paper collages, fascinating scenes like miniature worlds. (Picture book)

What We Wear
Maya Ajmera, Elise Hofer Derstine, Cynthia Pon

Delightful photos of children around the world, wearing feathers, beads and flowers, celebrating for special occasions, painting their faces and putting on masks, dressing up to dance and play, and have fun! (Picture book)


What We Wear

Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious monument, filled with mysteries old and new. Searching for clues about this lost civilization, the children of Angkor Wat took photographer Richard Sobol to a special place in the ruins – you'll never guess what he saw. (Picture book)



Go on an 1891 round the world trip in a steam-powered motorcar with Harry (son of Phileas Fogg), Johnny (mechanic), Charles (stick-in-the-mud), Elizabeth (headstrong journalist).  Adventures galore, outrunning a prairie fire in America, typhoons off Japan, crossing Siberia, racing to meet the deadline. (Chapter book)


Around the World in 100 Days
Outside Your Window kids book  
Outside your Window
Nicola Davies, Mark Hearld

It's summer, and there's a whole world of nature outdoors. Celebrate the seasons, spring lambs wiggle their tales, tide pools are a little world all their own in summer, autumn leaves are everywhere, drifting in the wind, winter may be cold but the sky is filled with stars. Gorgeous collage illustrations! (Picture book)


Explore, Dream, Discover
Charlotte Samiec, Andrew Pinder

For your trip, take along this original, imaginative travel activity book – write down new smells ("Delhi is smelly") and sounds you've never heard, order food from a menu without knowing what it is, draw pictures of bridges in great cities or something creepy in a museum, take photos of humorous signs, scavenger hunts, and more.
(Activity book)


Explore, Dream, Discover
Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People
Monica Brown, Julie Paschkis

Pablo Neruda wrote about everyday things, fire and rain, stones polished by sand and salt, children playing in the waves, social injustice and hope for peace. A captivating biography of the poet, his words are beautifully woven into each illustration. (Picture book)


Tua and the Elephant
R.P. Harris, Taeeun Yoo

Tua loves the night market in Chiang Mai, but she never expected to find an elephant who needs her help. Tua, with the help of her neighbors and monks in the Buddhist temple, hides Pohn-Pohn from the cruel mahouts, and embarks on a journey to find the elephant a home. Irresistible! (Chapter book)


Tua and the Elephant
A Rock is Lively  
A Rock is Lively
Dianna Hutts Aston, Sylvia Long

We didn't realize rocks could look so gorgeous and be so much fun, and are so essential to our life on earth. Rocks are mixed up (combination of ingredients), huge and tiny (world's largest rock to grains of sand), helpful (animals use rocks to digest food), surprising (crack them open to see what's inside), and lively (rocks popping out a volcano)! (Picture book)


My Pop-Up World Atlas
Anita Ganeri, Stephen Waterhouse

Explore all seven continents of the world, with delightful pop-ups, fascinating facts (Asia has the highest mountain, deepest lake, tallest building, the Red Sea is the saltiest, Mandarin Chinese is the mostly widely spoken langugage), country flags, famous landmarks, and wildlife. (Activity book)


My Pop-Up World Atlas
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