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A Strange Place to Call Home  
A Strange Place to Call Home
Marilyn Singer, Ed Young

Discover the world of animals that live in the strangest places – ice worms survive under the snow, fish live in dark caves, flamingos thrive in salty lakes, warm weather penguins. Fascinating facts, delightful poems and fabulous collages. (Picture book)

And, the perfect companion book: This Is Not My Hat


Ganesha's Sweet Tooth
Sanjay Patel, Emily Haynes

Ganesha is a Hindu god, but he's also very fond of sweets, especially the Indian dessert laddoo. After Ganesha breaks his tusk on a jumbo jawbreaker, he's now a one-toothed god, but his tusk comes in handy when Ganesha meets a poet, who needs help writing down the beginning of things. Spectacular two-page illustrations. (Picture book)


Ganestha's Sweet Tooth
When Thunder Comes  
When Thunder Comes
J. Patrick Lewis

Captivating poems by Children's Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis highlight seventeen different civil rights leaders around the world, men and women in different walks of life – baseball player, astronaut, journalist, a banker to the poor, freedom riders, the leader who was a prisoner for almost 30 years. (Picture book)



Fun look at wildlife (based on animal facts) – polar bears turn green when it's hot, flamingos that drink upside down, penguins surf the waves, tigers have binocular vision, dolphins sleep in with one eye open, and more. Irresistible illustrations of each animal. (Picture book)


Paul Thurby's Wildlife
How to Clean a Hippopotamus  
How to Clean a Hippopotamus
Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

Why does a small bird walk into the mouth of a Nile crocodile, when does a crab use sea anemones like boxing gloves, what fish provide cleaning services for sharks, how does a turtle keep a big hippo clean – discover the fascinating world of animal partnerships. Gorgeous collages! (Picture book)


The Pirate's Coin
Marianne Moore

In their third mystery adventure in the miniature rooms at the Chicago Art Institute, Ruthie and Jack use talismans to shink and travel back in time to save the legacy of a slave family and meet Jack's ancester, a Massachusetts pirate. (Chapter books)


the pirates coin
Flight 1-2-3  
Flight 1-2-3
Maria van Lieshout

At the airport, before getting on a flight to far away destinations, what do you see? "1 airport, 2 luggage carts, 3 check-in desks, ... 10 gates, 100 fastened seat belts, 2,000 miles, a million places to explore." (Picture book)


Pedal It!
Michelle Mulder

Bicycles have changed the world. Around the globe, vendors sell bread and flowers on their bicycles, bicycles are ambulances, taxis and luggage carriers, used to generate electricity, sharpen knives, perform medical tests, blend smoothies. Even some bikes are made of bamboo. (Illustrated chapter book)


Pedal I1 - How Bicycles Are Changing the World
Loretta Seto, Renne Benoit

In September, families all over the world celebrate the Moon Festival (also called the Mid-Autumn Festival). Children stay up late, light paper lanterns, drink tea, eat special cakes, and remember stories of Jade Rabbit, who lives on the moon. (Picture book)



This book is a wonderful journey, perfect to read on your own family trip. A young boy, accompanied by a loyal knight (due to enchantment looks like a cat), sails across seas, treks across an impossible desert, survives thieves, demon apes, sea dragons, all without seeing. (Chapter book)


Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes
Walk This World  
Walk This World
Jenny Broom, Lotta Nieminen

Start your day in New York City – peek into windows, look under the street, see what everyone is doing. Then walk to Paris, Kenya, Italy, Russia, Brazil, India, Australia, London, Japan. Sparkling illustrations, fascinating scenes around the world. (Open the flap book)


Brush of the Gods
Lenore Look & Meilo So

Shining story of the legendary Tang painter Wu Daozi. As a boy training in calligraphy, instead of characters, he drew dancing peonies, flying Buddhas, galloping horses. His paintings were so extraordinary, they came to life! (Picture book)


Brush of the Gods
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