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winter walk  
Winter Walk
Virginia Brimhall Snow

Take the kids out to explore the woods in winter (we did this in Yosemite, absolutely magical) – snowflakes, icicles and snowmen, bare trees and evergreens, tiny chickadees fluttering around bushes and branches, red winter berries, flowers and plants that thrive in the cold, foxes and deer slipping through the trees, and if you're lucky, a white snowshoe hare. (Picture book)


Adventures in Cold Places
Lonely Planet Kids

Go on a worldwide adventure to the coldest places – Harbin China, Sahara Desert, Lake Baikal Russia, an ice hotel in Sweden, meet penguins in Antarctica, huskies in Alaska, mountain goats in Switzerland, with puzzles, games, over 250 stickers, and 3D iceberg. Perfect for a road trip or airplane flight. (Activity book)


Raul Colon

A boy imagines and draws an African safari, sketching curious zebras and herds of giraffes, riding on elephants, setting up his easel in front of a large rhinocerous. Superb illustrations by Raul Colon took us to Africa. (Picture book)


Maps & Maps Activity Book
Aleksandra Mizielinska, Daniel Mizielinski

"Maps" - Explore the world in a big format book, 52 fabulously illustrated maps with animals, local peoples, cultural events, food, geography.

"Maps Activity Book" - Draw scenes from four corners of the globe- color animals and flags of the world, decorate sugar skulls for Day of the Dead in Mexico, make Australian dot paintings, color Mt. Vesuvius erupting, and more. (Activity book)


in a village by the sea  
In a Village by the Sea
Muon Van, April Chu

Inspired by Vietnamese fishing villages, in a small house on a hill above the sea, a woman stirs the noodle soup, a baby is sleeping, and the family waits for the fisherman, to return home safe and sound. A universal story, delightfully original, and fabulously illustrated. (Picture book)



Meet animals who build their homes and live together in the "neighborhood." The land snail carries a home with him, garden spider has her loom of doom, honeybees build with beeswax, potter wasps with mud, beavers engineer a whole habitat, one tiny fish makes a home at the bottom of a pond. Spectacular pop-ups of each animal! (Pop-up book)


  welcome to the neighborwood
raindrops roll  
Raindrops Roll
April Pulley Sayre

A poetic look at rain as it plops and drops on large green leaves, as it thuds, and makes mud. Even when the rain stops, raindrops drip, dot, and slip. Gorgeous large-size photos of rain with flowers, plants, birds, and insects, capture the extraordinary ephemeral nature of our most precious natural resource. (Picture book)


Over the Hills and Far Away
Elizabeth Hammill

A celebration of nursery rhymes from around the world, African, European, Caribbean, Latino, Chinese cultures as well as English-speaking countries, with original illustrations from over seventy artists. Nursery rhymes, with poetry and art, have no borders. (Picture book)


  over the hills and far away
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer

William Kamkwamba grew up in a very poor village in Malawi. During a time of famine and hunger, teenage William read books, found junk, and built a windmill to make electricity to light in his house. Now he runs projects to generate energy cheaply and improve schools. (Chapter book)


Historium: Welcome to the Museum
Richard Wilkinson, Jo Nelson

Step back in time, from stone tools a million years old, and journey across civilizations of Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and Oceania. Discover the culture of each ancient artifact, such as a simple clay figure comes alive in the context of an emperor's tomb. Stunning illustrations, a global adventure in one book! (Oversize picture book)


Where Did My Clothes Come From?
Chris Butterworth, Lucia Gaggiotti

Jeans are made from cotton, but how does a cotton plant become a pair of pants. Sheep's wool isn't the only thing sweaters are made of – there's yaks, camels, llamas and goats. Synthetic fleece, silk party dresses, rubber boots, visit farms, forests and factories all over the world. (Picture book)


Carson Ellis

Home is a house in the country, a boat, a palace, a shoe. There are bee homes, hollow trees homes, home of a babushka, Kenyan blacksmith, duchess, and raccoon. Home is where the heart it is, a world real and imagined, and everything is possible. (Picture book)


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