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shackletons journey  

Feeling winter weather is cold and snowy? In 1914, Ernest Shackleton and a crew of brave men set out to explore Antarctica. Stuck in the ice, their ship cracked to pieces and sank. The men survived on an ice floe, sailed in open boats through monstrous waves, hiked across a frozen mountainous island, and every man survived. Spectacularly illustrated, a true story of courage and endurance. (Picture book)


Adventures in Famous Places
Lonely Planet Kids

Go on a worldwide adventure to famous places in India, Mexico City, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, USA, Iceland, Canada, South Africa, Dubai, with puzzles, games, pages to color, over 250 reusable stickers, and mini mountain model. Perfect for a road trip or airplane flight. (Activity book)


Finding Winnie
Lindsay Mattick, Sophie Blackall

True story of a baby bear from Canada (named Winnipeg), who came to England, and inspired the story of Winnie the Pooh. In World War I, a veternarian rescues the bear, but when his troop goes off to war, Winnie takes up residence in the London Zoo. And a boy, Christopher Robin Milne, becomes friends with a real bear. (Picture book)



Animals in groups, a tower of giraffes, parcel of penguins, flock of sheep (love those sweaters), romp of otters, parliament of owls, caravan of camels, and more, plus fun facts about each animal. Gorgeous original artwork and fabric collages – peacocks have real feathers! (Picture book)


When Green Becomes Tomatoes
Julie Fogliano, Julie Morstad

there are things that are yellow
and new
and popping up everywhere
and there are red rubber boots

Spring is here! Celebrate the seasons with poems and sparkling illustrations that capture frogs hopping quickly in spring rain, eating berries in summer, tasting the sunshine, leaves floating, twirling down in autumn, and the first snow that comes on tiptoes overnight. (Picture book)


Fabulous Frogs
Martin Jenkins, Tim Hopgood

Frogs, frogs, frogs, there are more than 5,000 different kinds – huge goliath frogs, tiniest frogs in the world, frogs that jump 16 ft (5 m), hairy frogs that breathe underwater, bright colored poison arrow frogs, frogs that live underground for years. Irresistible illustrations, even puffy noisy bullfrogs are fabulous. (Picture book)


the truth about my unbelievable summer  
The Truth About My Unbelievable Summer
Davide Cali, Benjamin Chaud

A day at the beach turns into a treasure hunt, following a mischievous magpie – entangled in a giant squid, escape from Paris in hot air balloon, chased by mummies in Egypt, racing after the bird to the Taj Mahal and Great Wall. Captivating illustrations, a super adventure. (Picture book)


Strange Trees
Bernadette Pourquie, Cecile Gambini

Amazing stories about sixteen different trees around the world – the rain tree, upside-down tree, walking tree, ghost tree, sausage tree, dynamite tree, bottle tree, rainbow tree and more. Each tree is a gorgeous hand-painted illustration! (Picture book)


a beetle is shy  
A Beetle is Shy
Diana Hutts Aston, Sylvia Long

Look into the colorful world of beetles, from eggs that hatch into rainbow-colored beetles, to beetles digging, running, hopping, swimming, some beetles are huge, others as tiny as the eye of a needle. Another fabulous book in this series! (Picture book)



Color-filled biography of Vincent Van Gogh with pop-ups, lift the flap, 3-D sunflower, swirls of Starry Night, fold together furniture in the yellow house. Van Gogh is one of the most popular artists today, but he sold only one painting in his lifetime! (Pop-up book)


Welcome to New Zealand
Sandra Morris

We're so inspired by this nature journal, we're ready to pack our bags and fly to New Zealand. We want to see a tuatara, kereru, kea, tahr. A celebration of nature in different seasons and habitats – kauri forests, mountains, wetlands, rock pools, beaches – start your own nature journal. (Picture book)



Celebrate Christmas around the world – peek through windows and lift the flap to see nativity scenes, toys, parades, stockings, pinatas, gifts, fireworks, decorations, holiday food, in 32 different countries (and count the days to Christmas – it's also an Advent calendar). Wonderfully illustrated! (Picture book)


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