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Winter Dance
Marion Dane Bauer, Richard Jones

Snowflakes float through the air, what should a fox do in winter? Turtles go underwater, geese fly away, snowshoe hares turn white, bears go to sleep, but foxes ... dance! (Picture book)



Fabulous fantasy adventure, inspired by Chinese folktales, the Black Tortoise of Winter has turned the sea to silver, and spring is long overdue. After the emperor kidnaps her grandmother, Pinmei and her companion Yishan set off on a journey to the City of Bright Moonlight. (Chapter book)


Her Right Foot
Dave Eggers, Shawn Harris

The Statue of Liberty, iconic symbol of freedom, has welcomed millions of visitors and immigrants to the United States. How can she stand still? Look at her immense right foot, taking a big step to meet "the poor, the tired, the struggling to breathe free." (Picture book)


Art Up Close
Claire d'Harcourt

Take a close-up look at twenty-three masterpieces from museums all over the world – ancient Egypt, Arabic and Aztec manuscripts, Byzantine mosaics, Renaissance paintings, Japanese prints, modern art. For each artwork, ten different details to find. (Oversize picture book)


The Camping Trip That Changed America
Barb Rosenstock, Mordicai Gerstein

Ride with President Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir through Yosemite. Hiking on their own, sleeping outdoors, they talked about preserving the wilderness for generations to come. The result is national parks, public lands for everyone today. (Picture book)



Lift the flap on the latest discoveries about dinosaurs, find out about fossils and paleontologists, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous timeline, how dinosaurs lived, and extinction. Excellent illustrations. (Pop-up book)


If You Want to See a Whale
Julie Fogliano, Erin E. Stead

If you want to see a whale
you will need a window

and an ocean

and time for waiting
and time for looking

A super book for summer, and who knows where you might discover a whale. (Picture book)


The Things That I LOVE about TREES
Chris Butterworth, Charlotte Voake

Follow trees through seasons of the year – new leaves waking up in spring, summer fruits and big shady trees, nuts, berries, orange and red leaves in autumn, bare winter trees where you can look all the way up to the top. Two page illustrations grow across the page, and we want to hide away in an old hollow tree trunk too. (Picture book)


Walk this Wild World
Sam Brewster

Journey around the world to see wild animals of the Arctic tundra, Amazon rain forest, Serengeti grasslands, Spanish wetlands, Scotland coast, Russian steppe, Himalayan mountains, Borneo swamp, Australian desert. It's fun to lift the flap to discover animals, insects, and plants of each habitat. (Picture book)


Ancient Wonders: Then & Now
Stuart Hill, Lonely Planet Kids

Lift the flap and step back in time to the Egyptian pyramids, Colosseum, Stonehenge, Easter Island, Angkor Wat, Parthenon, Chichen Itza, Petra, China emperor's tomb, Machu Picchu, and discover the civilizations who built wonders of the ancient world. (Oversize picture book)


A History of Pictures for Children
David Hockney, Martin Gayford

"The world today is full of images."

Take a trip with David Hockney, looking at art from all over the globe, from from cave art to digital animation. Playful and eye-opening, inspires us for our next visit to any museum, and how we think about pictures. Illustrations are exceptional! (Picture book)


Apollo 8
Martin W. Sandler

Fifty years ago, on December 24 1968, Apollo 8 spacecraft with three astronauts on board orbited the moon. For the first time, humans saw Earth from the depths of space, and took an iconic photo that changed the world. (Chapter book)


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