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Maps: Deluxe Edition
Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

Travel the world to 66 countries, adventures large and small await, just turn the page. No border restrictions, explore everything exotic wildlife, foods, landmarks, traditions, peoples – celebrate a wide open world! (Oversize picture book)


Magical Creatures and Mythical Beasts
Professor and Millie Mortimer, Victo Ngai

Hunt for magical creatures and mythical beasts around the world – shine your flashlight on chimera in Paris, Kraken in Norway, goblins in Amsterdam, rainbow serpent in Australia, griffins in Samarkand, and more! (Picture book)


old enough to save the planet  
Old Enough to Save the Planet
Loll Kirby, Adelina Lirius

Inspiring stories of children in twelve countries, working to save the planet – planting new trees in Germany and Indonesia, reducing traffic pollution in India, setting up community gardens in France and Kenya, composting in Ukraine, cleaning up ocean pollution in Australia, and more. (Picture book)


Slow Down:
50 Mindful Moments in Nature

Rachel Williams, Freya Hartas

Slow down, stop and listen to the wonders of nature, going on every hour of the day! A rainbow appears, cherry blossoms fall to the ground, tadpole becomes a frog, squirrel buries an acorn, shooting star lights up the night sky, and more amazing moments. (Picture book)


Great Rivers of the World
Volker Mehnert, Martin Hanke

Explore eighteen great rivers, Nile, Ganges, Yangtze, Volga, Danube, Mekong, Amazon, Rhine, Orinoco, Mississippi, and more, history, legends, people and animals, trade routes, famous sights. Go on a worldwide river cruise! (Oversize picture book)


Wonder Walkers
Micha Archer

" I wonder ... Do mountains have bones? Are forests the mountain's fur? ... Is fog the river's blanket? ... Are shells the shore's necklace? Is the ocean the world's bath? ... Is the wind the world breathing?" Fabulous paper collages, head outdoors and see the world in a new way! (Picture book)


The Language of the Universe
Colin Stuart, Ximo Abadia

Everyday life is buzzing with math – look for spiral patterns in sunflowers (Fibonacci sequence), cicadas surface in prime number years, snowflakes have six-fold symmetry, bees use effcient hexagons to make their hive, bacteria have geometric shapes, animals can count, ancient Egyptians used math to make pyramid base square. Fascinating, and beautifully illustrated. (Oversize picture book)


Too Small Tola
Atinuke, Onyinye Iwe

Delightful adventures of Tola, a little girl who lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her brother, sister and Grandmommy. Carrying basket full of yams, chili peppers, fish, diapers home from the market, getting water from the pump when there is no electricity, helping a neighbor with his tailoring business, Tola is small but mighty. (Illustrated chapter book)



For thousands of years, humans and horses have worked together, everywhere in the world. Discover how horses evolved, brought far-flung lands together, live on every continent except Antarctica, all about different horse breeds, what makes the horse so special. (Picture book)


Pie for Breakfast
Cynthia Cliff

A baking book for kids, recipes from all around the world – strawberry mochi, pumpkin empanadas, Egyptian basbousa cake, Indian-spiced cookies, jam tarts, apple custard muffins and more. (Picture book)


Chirri & Chirra: The Rainy Day
Kaya Doi, David Boyd

On a cloudy day, Chirri and Chirra go for a bike ride in the forest. They discover a shop, only open on rainy days, and their adventures begin – frozen raindrop candy and upside down rain. Enchanting illustrations. (Picture book)


The Museum of Everything
Lynn Rae Perkins

Step from our busy world, into a museum which has everything you can imagine – fancy bushes and bushskirts, islands in different sizes, shadow of melting snow, special hiding places, the Sky Museum that is always open. Fabulous three-dimensional illustrations, totally imaginative! (Picture book)


  the museum of everything
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