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Kid and koala in Australia
Where else can kids pet wombats, pythons, and blue tongued lizards, hobnob with platypuses or emus, snorkel amidst tropical fish, touch a chocolate chip starfish, feed kookaburas and kangaroos, eat breakfast with a koala, catch glimpses of fairy penguins and Tasmanian devils, and watch the stars in the southern night sky? Traveling with your family in Australia, kids will have have a field day!
    Warrumbungle National Park – Warrumbungle National Park, 550km west of Sydney, has an amazing rocky landscape, left over from volcanoes millions of years ago. Great camping and day hiking. The campsites are not very formal and animals such as kangaroos, emus and wallabies wander through the camp.
    Carnarvon National Park (Queensland) – Carnarvon Gorge in the National Park is a spectacular deep gorge with clear streams and lots of wildlife. Look for platypus in Carnarvon Creek at twilight. Mt. Moffatt within the park has aboriginal art sites. Tip: In the national parks, there are often set times to feed the birds. You can purchase birdseed in the campground stores and feed parrots and kookaburras up close.
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Australia offers fabulously diverse experiences, but it's a big county. With experienced guides, take a wildlife safari to see koalas and kangaroos, snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, hike through the outback, explore Uluru, add on adventures in New Zealand, this tour company will arrange an unforgettable trip:

    Quivertree Family Expeditions
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A trip through primeval rain forest in Queensland, "my father knows a place we can only reach by boat." Gorgeous mixed-media collages are so life-like, each tangled creeper, nubby branch, hanging root, squiggly snake or vanished dinosaur seems real. (Picture book)



Discover more than 30 weird and wonderful creatures from Australia – lizards with blue tongues, lyrebirds mimic the sound of barking dogs and car alarms, jumping spiders have silk safety ropes, quokkas can go for months without drinking fresh water. Fascinating facts about all the animals, fabulous illustrations by Frane Lessac, who lives in Australia. (Picture book)



Discover what happens under the night sky in Australia – fairy penguins come out of the water to sleep onshore, mysterious lights in the outback, a staircase to the moon, fireworks on New Year's Eve in Sydney, sharing stories of ancient stars, and more. (Picture book)


Sydney City Trails
Lonely Planet Kids

Nineteen different themed trails through Sydney – underground (or underwater), up in the air, splashy beaches, spooky stories, yummy food, floaty fun, unusual wildlife, sporty city, wacky buildings, and more. (Illustrated chapter book)


Birrarung Wilam
Aunty Joy Murphy, Andrew Kelly,
Lisa Kennedy

Follow Birrarung (Yarra River) from deep in the bush to salty ocean at Melbourne. Along the river are possums and fairy wrens in the rainy forest, kangaroo and platypus with their babies, ravens fly over the river, wombats lived in burrows along the banks, near the city pelicans float on thewater, Birrarung is wilam (home) to many. (Picture book)

Another Aboriginal storytelling: Welcome to Country


Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
Nico Medina, John Hinderliter

Illustrated history and ecology of the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure on earth. Find out about sea creatures, how coral is formed, explorers of the reef, and preserving this natural wonder. (Chapter book)


Over in Australia children picture book  
Over in Australia
Marianne Berkes, Jill Dubin

“Over in Australia in a eucalyptus tree, lived a cuddly gray koala and her little joeys three.” A rhyming story with gorgeous collages takes you to the forests, grasslands and deserts of Australia. Ten different animals, plus a hidden animal in every collage. (Picture book)



Wild adventures of Andrew and his cousin Judy in the Australian rain forest and desert. Shrunk to the size of bugs, the kids are nearly lunch for a carnivorous plant in the jungle. Meat eater ants and thorny devils in the desert think the kids are a snack, but they’re saved by a rolling tumbleweed. (Easy reader)


kids adventure australia Andrew Lost In the Desert
Sand Swimmers
Narelle Oliver

Discover the fascinating world of the desert in central Australia – how Aboriginal peoples survived, European explorers ventured into this landscape, and all about strange and wonderful wildlife - fairy shrimp, thorny devils, painted ground-dragon. (Picture book)


Snappy Crocodile Tale
Niki Foreman

A baby saltwater crocodile (largest living reptile) grows up, meets other Australian animals – platypus, wallabies, bull sharks (to eat), plus Aboriginal legend and fun facts about crocodiles. (Easy reader)


australia Possum Magic kids  
Possum Magic
Mem Fox, Julie Vivas

Adorable story of two possums, Hush and Grandma Poss. Grandma Poss made Hush invisible so he'd be safe from snakes, but when the two possums travel around Australia, munching on people food, like magic, you can see Hush again. (Picture book)

And two other charming tales by Mem Fox: Koala Lou and Hunwick's Egg


The Snow Pony
Alison Lester

Dusty loves life on a remote cattle ranch, especially her Snow Pony, a wild mountain horse that she tamed and trained. Up on the high plains, when her dad is injured, it's up to Dusty and the Snow Pony to go for help. A fun read for older kids. (Chapter book)


horses children australia The Snow Pony
The Australian Boomerang Bonanza easy reader kids  
The Australian Boomerang Bonanza
(Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures)
Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley's shape is perfect for surfing and snorkeling at the beach, but when Stanley is tossed in the air like a boomerang, he lands in desert outback. Lost in the bush, will hopping like a kangaroo get him home? (Easy reader)


Australia: Panorama Pops
Charlotte Trounce

Open the small box and fold out a charming miniature pop-up panorama of Australia – 12 different places, including Sydney, Wave Rock, Uluru, The Ghan, Great Barrier Reef, and fun facts about each landmark. (Mini book)


australia panorama pops
This is Australia kids  

Take a trip around Australia, the largest island or the smallest continent, Sydney's sail-shaped opera house and famous bridge, strange animals in the Taronga Zoo, into the outback, mines and a 2,280 ounces gold nugget, deserts, beaches, falling coconuts in Darwin, and more. Whimsical illustrations, this is a classic. (Picture book)


(More children's books on other Australia pages)
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