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Vienna is a city that loves its music and food. Kids will have a great time enjoying traditional sweets and hot chocolate. Famous for Mozart and Strauss, at every turn you'll hear waltzes and impromptu violin concerts on street corners, and don't forget the Vienna Boy's Choir. Vienna is also home to the dancing Lipizzaner stallions, trained at the oldest riding school in Europe. An ancient city founded by the Romans, Vindobona became Vienna, one of the great capitals of Europe.
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    City Center – Innere Stadt
    Hofburg Palace
    East – Prater and Danube (Donau)
    Schoenbrunn Palace
    Vienna day trips
    Take the U-Bahn – The Vienna subway, U-Bahn, is wonderful. Fast and modern, trains run every three minutes or so and will take you throughout the city.
    Tip: If your family is headed to Vienna in summer, you won't see either the Lipizzaner horses (relaxing down on the farm), or the Vienna Boy's Choir (they're usually performing on tour).

Fun food


There's no end of fun food in Vienna. Hot dogs (bratwurst) are available at snack stands everywhere, and it's a really good hot dog. We also liked a traditional dish of ham and noodles, called Schinken-fleckerin (or Schinkenfleckerl). Vienna is famous for its sweets. Two places to go are Aida, which has chocolate cakes and lovely fruit pastries, and Demel's, the windows are filled with amazing marizpan creations (sit down for a treat, or get goodies to go). When you're feeling in need of a snack or place to rest, stop into a Viennese café, and order up hot chocolate loaded with whipped cream.

kids books vienna austria
Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
Yona Zeldis McDonough

Illustrated biography of Mozart, who as a six year old, played the piano and dazzled the empress of Austria. When Mozart was grown, he and his family lived in Vienna, where he composed some of his finest music. (Chapter book)



Mozart was born in Salzburg, and wrote his most famous operas in Vienna. Read about the extraordinary life of this musical prodigy, who composed from than 800 pieces of music. (Picture book)


Moonlight on the Magic Flute (Magic Tree House)
Mary Pope Osborne

It's 1762 in Vienna. Jack and Annie are invited to a party at Schoenbrunn Palace, where they save a young musician named Wolfie from wild animals who've escaped from the palace zoo. (Easy reader)


Klimt and His Cat
Berenice Capatti, Octavia Monaco

Charming story of the painter Gustav Klimt, and his cat, Katze. Katze watches as Klimt paints in his studio in Vienna, sketches outdoors or in museums, and with swirls, shapes, gold and silver paint, creates a new style of art. Fabulous illustrations. (Picture book)


artist austria kids Klimt and His Cat
A Gift for Mama
Linda Ravin Loddin, Alison Jay

It's morning in Vienna, little Oscar searches for a birthday gift for his mother. He meets the artist Klimt, an orchestra conductor at the Opera House, the composer Johann Strauss. The Empress gives him a box of candied violets, but Oscar returns home with the perfect present. (Picture book)


White Stallion of Lipizza
Marquerite Henry

Hans works in his family bakery, but he dreams of of the white Lipizzaner stallions and the famous Riding School in Vienna. After seeing a performance with "Airs Above the Ground," Hans knows that he's going to become a Riding Master at the school. (Illustrated chapter book)


white stallion of lipizza henry
childrens books austria The Star of Kazan
The Star of Kazan
Eva Ibbotson, Kevin Hawkes

Annika, a foundling, lives in Vienna with three professors. She loves to see the Lipizanner horses, and ride the giant ferris wheel, but Annika dreams of finding her mother. When an old lady moves next door, stories of priceless jewels and the Star of Kazan are the beginning of Annika's adventures. Full of warmth and Vienna from times past, this is a gem. (Chapter book)


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