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Traveling in Belgium with kids, you'll find medieval cities and castles, the great battlefield of Waterloo (where Napoleon bit the dirt), and two official languages, French and Flemish. Belgium is the perfect place for family walking tours – there are lovely footpaths through the woods and countryside.
    Gent (Ghent)
    Bruges (Brugge)Ride the canal boats (boottocht) around Bruges. One place to get the boats is G. Stael, Katelijnestraat. There’s also a very nice park to run around next to the Begijnhof (Beguine convent) near the canal.
    Go to the beach (Knokke-Heist, Oostend) – Belgian families go to the beach all year round. Even in bad weather, kids love a walk on the beach in the rain. Rent go-karts on the beach or shop for unusual shells. In Oostend, watch the big ferries coming in from England.
    Abbaye de Villers-la-Ville – This old abandoned 12th century abbey is what a ruined abbey should look like – decrepit, covered in vines, open to the sky and plenty of rooms to explore. A gem.
  Battle of Waterloo – Even if you don’t think you’re interested in battlefields, Waterloo is not to be missed. Walk up the Butte du Lion and look out over the scene of the battle. The excellent visitor’s center has a movie that shows the battle in detail. Tip: Easy day trip from Brussels.
    Le Grand Hornu (near Mons) – Le Grand Hornu is a coal mining town that’s been made into a tourist site. This is a fascinating look into the Industrial Revolution, in a planned city where people worked and lived. Visit the mines, climb on slag heaps and tour these 19th century period houses.
    Grotte de Han (Han-sur-Lesse) – The Grotte de Han is a huge limestone cave with spectacular stalagmites and stalactites. Truly memorable! Take the tram up to the cave entrance; then walk down through the cave, about 3km.
    Chateau de Bouillon (Bouillon) – Visit the medieval fortress of Godefroy de Bouillon who went off to fight in the First Crusade. In the castle, be sure to see the Godefroy de Bouillon room, hollowed out of the rock, with a large cross carved in the floor.
    Gorge de Loup (Echternach, Luxembourg) – This corner of Luxembourg is know as Luxembourg’s "Little Switzerland" because of its amazing rock formations, caves and gorges. Visit the Gorge de Loup – there are well marked footpaths and you can take little kids on this walk.

Fun food


For fun food in Belgium, kids will enjoy "Belgian waffles" (gauffre) and "Belgian chocolates," at every opportunity.  Belgian fries (frites, fritten, frieten) are also not to be missed, eaten piping hot and freshly salted out of a paper cone (also with sauces, such as mayonnaise).

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Who Was Napoleon?
Jim Gigliotti

Illustrated biography of Napoleon, an excellent student (good at math, loved history), he went on to become conquering hero, emperor, one the most famous military commanders in the world. But his empire crumbled when he was defeated at Waterloo. (Chapter book)


Asterix in Belgium
Goscinny and Uderzo

Hilarious adventures of comic heroes Asterix and his sidekick Obelix, who travel to Belgium to find out who's the bravest - the Gauls or the Belgians. When no one wins the contest, will Caesar meet his Waterloo? (Cartoon book)


Asterix in Belgium
Belgium Exploring Countries  

Fun facts about Belgium – landscape, wildlife, going to school, daily life, sports, comic strip art, holidays, and food. (Picture book)


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