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Brazil is big, the largest country in South America, and much of the country is tropical and south of the equator. The green, yellow and blue flag of Brazil is very representative – green rain forests, yellow metals and semi-precious gems, bright blue skies. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, but traveling around Brazil with kids, you'll find a unique mixture of South American, Indian, African and European peoples.

    Rio de Janerio
    South - Iguazu Falls
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the amazon dk publishing  
The Amazon (Eyewitness)
DK Publishing

Discover the world's largest rain forest and mighty Amazon River. Find out about fascinating animal, birds, fish, insects, trees and plants, traditional life of native peoples, and conservation today. (Picture book)


The Great Kapok Tree
Lynne Cherry

In the Amazon rain forest, a tree-cutter falls asleep under a spreading Kapok tree. In his dreams, a boa constrictor, monkeys, toucan and macaw, tree frog, anteater, jaguar,and sloth, all speak to the man of the wonder, beauty and importance of a single tree in the rain forest. Marvelously illustrated. (Picture book)


amazon kids brazil The Great Kapok Tree
Rainforest Explorer
Nancy Honovich

Go on an expedition up the Amazon to look for jaguars, scarlet macaws, squirrel monkeys, tapirs, caimans, river dolphins, coatis, and vampire bats. Assemble the eight different rain forest animals and set them up in a stunning diorama! (Activity book)



Maia and her governess Miss Minton travel up to the Amazon River to Manaus, where their journey begins. Unscrupulous relatives, a vanished boy, the Xanti people, secret worlds in the jungle, magical days, this is a super adventure. (Chapter book)


adventure kids books amazon brazil Journey to the River Sea
Afternoon on the Amazon (Magic Tree House)
Mary Pope Osborne

The magic tree house drops Jack and Annie into a tropical rain forest. On the run from army ants, floating down the river in a dugout canoe, Jack and Annie are saved by a monkey, but will they escape an angry mother jaguar? (Easy reader)

Also, non-fiction companion: Rain Forests


The Rainforest Grew All Around
Susan K. Mitchell, Connie McLennan

A rhyming story in the rainforest, a seed grows into a kapok tree, a jaguar lives in the tree, vines curl near the cat, boa, leafcutter ants, sloths, bromeliads, frogs, toucans, bats grow all around, plus a rainforest cookie recipe. Gorgeous illustrations of rainforest plants and animals. (Picture book)


the rainforest grew all around
We're Roaming in the Rainforest toddlers books brazil  
We're Roaming the Rainforest
Laurie Krebs, Anne Wilson

Sunrise to sunset in the Amazon rainforest – monkeys hang by their tails, sloths snooze in the trees, pink dolphins swin in the river, poison dart frogs hide under logs, otters cuddle together till they fall asleep. Two page, colorful collage illustrations, fun for little kids. (Picture book)


Amazon Basin
Jan Reynolds

Visit a village of the Yanomama people, deep in the Amazon, where they farm crops in the jungle, hunt for food with bows and arrows, fish in the rivers, swim for fun, and celebrate a funeral with dance and song. (Picture book)


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kids sports brazil Young Pele  
Young Pele: Soccer's First Star
Lesa Cline-Ransome, James E. Ransome

Story of Pele, who became one of the greatest soccer players of all time. Pele first played soccer with other boys in his neighborhood – even without shoes, the team played every chance they could, and they won. (Picture book)



The taste of paõ de queijo cheese buns brings Emilia and Alfie to Rio de Janeiro, as Carnival is about to begin. They get aquainted with a local cariocas family, explore the city and go to the beach, try eating feijoada the national dish of Brazil, and end up dancing samba and playing drums in the children's parade. Plus two recipes to make at home. (Chapter book)


recipe for adventure rio de janeiro
brazil exploring countries  
Brazil (Exploring Countries)
Colleen Sexton

Fun facts about Brazil – landscape and the Amazon rainforest, diverse wildlife, going to school, food, holidays, famous landmark of Christ the Redeemer, soccer (which is called futebol), the most popular sport in Brazil. (Picture book)



Open the small box and fold out a colorful miniature cityscape of Rio de Janerio – 12 different places, including Christ the Redeemer Statue, Maracana Stadium, Copacabana Beach, Botanical Gardens, Sugarloaf Mountain, Sambadrome, and fun facts about each landmark. (Mini book)


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living in brazil  
Living in ... Brazil
Chloe Perkins, Tom Woolley

Kids can read for themselves about Brazil, the biggest country in South America. Spend the day with Marco, meet his family, go to school, find out about natural wonders and cities, learn about the history of Brazil, play soccer and eat typical Brazilian food. (Easy reader)


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