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Pacific Grove

Lover's Point Park – Rent surreys and pedal down the bike path from Cannery Row to Lover's Point Park. Play in the sandy cove or go boogie boarding. Bring a picnic or pick up lunch at the snack bar, and sit out on the grass with gorgeous views of the bay.
Asilomar State Beach This is a one mile stretch of flat sandy beach, plus rocks to climb on. Kids should keep their eyes peeled for sea lions, California seals, and sea otters in the water. Or you can just sit and watch the waves break, totally mesmerizing.
Point Pinos Lighthouse This cute little lighthouse has been flashing its light since 1855, and is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast. Inside the lighthouse, kids can see what the lighthouse keeper's parlor, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters (one lighthouse keeper was a woman, who tended the lighthouse for over 20 years), plus exhibits about lenses and guarding the Monterey coast.
Monarch Grove Sanctuary (Ridge Rd. Pacific Grove) November through February, kids will enjoy a stop at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary to see scads of monarch butterflies, hanging out in the pine and eucalyptus trees. In the winter months, thousands of monarchs migrate to the central California coast. The butterflies shelter together, or fly about – one might even land on a child's shoulder.
      Tip: Bring binoculars, butterflies may be high up in the trees.
Pacific Grove Museum If the weather is cloudy or foggy, head to the Pacific Grove Museum to discover the abundance of wildlife in Monterey County. Find out all about the habits of the Monarch butterfly, listen to whale sounds, check out the natural history exhibits, and climb on the full size sculpture of a gray whale in front of the museum. Free admission.
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monarch butterfly  
Monarch Butterfly
Gail Gibbons

Before you view the monarch butterfly grove in Pacific Grove, learn out about the life cycle of the monarch, and migration of adult butterflies in fall and spring. (Picture book)


Monarch and Milkweed
Helen Frost and Leonid Gore

In spring, the milkweed plant unfurls its leaves, where the monarch butterfly lays its eggs. The eggs hatch, caterpillars eat the leaves, transforming into a green and gold chrysalis, until one morning, a new butterfly emerges, "opens her wings, closes them, open them wide – a light breeze lifts her and she flies." Exquisitely illustrated! (Picture book)


Monarch and Milkweed
the butterfly garden  

In spring, watch the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly from egg into caterpillar, chrysalis, emerging as a beautiful orange and black butterfly. Monarch butterflies fly away, migrate in autumn ... and next spring, a new egg. Lift the flap to reveal bright monarchs in the cycle of life. (Lift-the-flap board book)


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