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Pismo Beach

Monarch butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Grove – November through February, stop at Pismo Beach to see scads of monarch butterflies, hanging out in the eucalyptus trees. In the winter months, thousands of butterflies migrate to the central California coast, and this Monarch grove is one of the best viewing sites. In the trees, the butterflies shelter together, or fly about – one might even land on your shoulder.

      Be sure to bring your binoculars, although there are viewing scopes set up to see the butterflies in the trees up close. The grove is located on Highway 1, just south of Pismo Beach (if you reach Grover Beach, you've gone too far).
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monarch butterfly  
Monarch Butterfly
Gail Gibbons

Before you view the monarch butterfly grove at Pismo Beach, learn out about the life cycle of the monarch, and migration of adult butterflies in fall and spring. (Picture book)


Monarch and Milkweed
Helen Frost and Leonid Gore

In spring, the milkweed plant unfurls its leaves, where the monarch butterfly lays its eggs. The eggs hatch, caterpillars eat the leaves, transforming into a green and gold chrysalis, until one morning, a new butterfly emerges, "opens her wings, closes them, open them wide – a light breeze lifts her and she flies." Exquisitely illustrated! (Picture book)


Monarch and Milkweed
Monarch Magic  
Monarch Magic!
Lynn M. Rosenblatt

Life cycle of the monarch and migration, plus activities to do – raise a monarch butterfly, grow milkweed, make mobiles, T-shirts and puppets. Good for older kids. (Activity book)



See the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly from egg into caterpillar, chrysalis, emerging as a beautiful orange and black butterfly. Monarch butterflies fly away, migrate in autumn ... and next spring, a new egg. Lift the flap to reveal bright monarchs in the cycle of life. (Lift-the-flap board book)


the butterfly garden
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