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California Deserts

mojave national preserve
California has unique and fascinating deserts, including two national parks – Death Valley and Joshua Tree. Death Valley is the hottest place on earth and parts of the valley are below sea level. In Joshua Tree and the Mojave Desert, kids will see the unusual spikey Joshua trees. Palm Springs combines resort amenities with desert scenery and snow covered mountains. Anza Borrego is famous for spring wildflowers.
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    Death Valley National Park
    Mojave Desert
    Joshua Tree National Park
    Palm Springs
    Anza Borrego (near San Diego)
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kids books California deserts
wake sleepy one  
Wake, Sleepy One
Lisa Kerr, Lisa Powell Braun

Bright orange poppies grow in deserts of California – look for fields of poppies blooming in March and April. Poppies just need rain and warmth, in spring seeds wake up and bloom with a single flower. (Picture book)

Tip: Look for poppies in Anza-Borrego, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Mojave Preserve.



Over and Under the Canyon
Kate Messner, Christopher Silas Neal

A family visits the California desert, hiking down the trail into the canyon, bighorn sheep leaps from rock to rock, hawks fly overheard, jackrabbits hide, walking on the sand, the people leave tracks, so does a horned lizard, colorful wildflowers bloom, camping in the desert, coyotes yip and owls take to the sky full of stars. Plus fun facts about about desert plants and animals. (Picture book)


over and under the canyon
Desert Voices california  
Desert Voices
Byrd Baylor, Peter Parnall

Poems about each creature of the desert – jackrabbit, pack rat, rattlesnake, cactus wren, desert tortoise, buzzard, toad, lizard and coyote. “Far down in the earth, quiet as a stone, I wait for rain.” (Picture book)


Death Valley: A Day in the Desert
Nancy Smiler Levinson, Diane Dawson Hearn

Discover animals and plants that survive and thive in Death Valley – great horned owls, roadrunners, desert tortoises, kangaroo rats, wild burros, kit foxes, free-tailed bats, barrel cactus, Mojave yucca. (Easy reader, illustrations)


Death Valley: A Day in the Desert childrens books
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