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Bodie ghost town

Bodie ghost town

Bodie was a rip-roaring gold mining town. Over fifteen million dollars in gold and silver came out of the mines between 1878 and 1881, ten thousand people lived here (including a large Chinatown), stagecoach robberies and gun fights were common. By the 1930’s Bodie was a ghost town and today it’s one of the best preserved wild west towns in California.

    Kids will have a great time just running around Bodie State Historic Park, all the weathered wooden buildings, including many houses, hotels, church, stable, the jail and cemetery. Be sure to peer through the windows in the houses, you’ll see all the stuff people left behind when the town was deserted.
      Download park brochure with info about town history and map: Bodie brochure & map
      This is great place to bring a picnic (there aren’t any restaurants or snack bars in Bodie). Sit out in the sagebrush and soak in the voices of days past.
      Tip: The road to Bodie is 13 miles off Highway 395. The last 3 miles are dirt road, so don’t try this in a rental car with low clearance. Bodie is open year round, but in winter there can be snow, and four wheel drive vehicles are required.
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is there still gold in bodie  
Is There Still Gold in Bodie?
Jennifer Benito-Kowalski

Kiara, a squirrel park range, meets with jack rabbit, pronghorn antelope, pika, bear and snake, to discuss visitors coming to Bodie. Once miners dug and panned for gold in creeks, but today visitors come to see wildlife and hike in the mountains. The animals work together to save the most amazing thing - nature. (Picture book)


Behind the Masks
Susan Patron

Fictional diary of Angeline Reddy, living in Bodie in 1880. The town is hardly peaceful – her papa is thought to be murdered, vigilantes are a menace, and the sheriff is crooked. Angie is determined to prove her father isn't dead, and solve the mystery of the ghost child. Wonderful local color of this wild west town. (Chapter book)

Note: There is an actual Reddy house in Bodie.


Behind the Masks
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