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Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios
Universal Studios Hollywood is a real, functioning movie studio with a big theme park attached. Rides and shows all have movie and TV themes: explore the world of "Jurassic Park," hang out with Shrek, discover and embark on Despicable Me Minon Mayhem or Transformers: The Ride 3D. More than most parks there’s a big emphasis on using multi-media to make the rides come alive and the shows more exciting.

Universal Studios with kids is lots of fun, but geared to children over 5. Rides have height restrictions and some attractions are just too scary or violent for little ones.

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Buy your tickets online to bypass the long ticket lines, and head right in to Universal Studios:

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Before you go
  What to wear – Even in summer when the weather is warm, it can cool down in the evening, so bring a light jacket or sweater.
      If you're planning to go to the water play areas or on the Jurassic Park ride, these attractions can really leave you soaked. Bring extra clothes and rubber flip-flops or sandals for the wet areas. (Think about sticking your purse in something that's water resistant too.)
While you're there

At the Entrance –

      Guest Relations This is the Lost Children waiting area and Lost and Found. This is also the place to pick up Studio Guide maps in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Check for times for the Studio Tour in Spanish, three times a day.
      Lockers – Coin-operated lockers (small, medium and large)
are available. Stash those extra clothes you brought in the
locker. Tip: Bring plastic bags for wet clothes.
      Strollers – Next to the lockers, you can rent strollers and wheelchairs.
    Studio Tour –The best attraction is the hour-long Studio Tour, a taste of Universal’s movie studio side. Take a seat on the tram for a tour of the “back lot,” for an insider look at sets for TV shows and movies. "Jaws" tries to take a bite out of your tram, beware of Jurassic Park dinosaurs, shake rattle and roll when an “earthquake” hits and then, before you can recover, veer into a head-on collision with a big-rig truck that “explodes” in fire when…you get hit by a tidal wave. Trams come often, but in summer, later in the day, the lines can get long. Get to the Studio Tour early in the day.

Rides –

Universal Studios
    Jurassic Park Step into a tour boat for a river trip through Jurassic Park. When you pass the electric fences, you're in a world of dinosaurs, baby Stegosaurus', spitting raptors and a 5 story high Tyrannosaurus Rex, looming over your boat, his toothy mouth opened wide for a people snack. At the end of the ride, your boat plummets down a water cascade, sending up a huge splash of water. Plan to get wet on this ride.
    Tip: If you didn't bring a change of clothes and are worried
about getting wet, buy a plastic poncho at the vending machines before you get in line.
      Revenge of the Mummy – Older kids and teens will enjoy a jolting roller coaster ride into the mummy's tomb, action packed and lots of scary mummies.
      Transformers: The Ride - 3D – Put on 3D glasses, step into your Evac vehicle, and ride through a splashy intergalactic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. Excellent 3D scenes and special effects.

Shrek 4-D – More adventures of Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey, the story continues when ghostly Lord Farquad kidnaps Fiona. In a 4-D theater experience, with 3-D glasses the characters seem to pop into your lap, accompanied by the smell dragon's breath and bug splat.

    Universal's Animal Actors –A funny show with live animals and videos. Watch these smart dogs and clever birds, cats and pigs, plus a sassy orangutan, entertain you with amazing tricks. Try to get seats close to the front you might be picked as a volunteer.
    Super Silly Fun Land –This area is good for younger kids with a carnival arcade (lots of toys to win, Minion characters, the fluffy unicorn), slide and play area for toddlers, and water play area.
    Prepare to get wet in the water play area. It's a great way to stay cool on a hot day in Los Angeles (adults may want to get splashed too).
    Tip: You can't go barefoot in the wet areas. If you don't want to get your shoes wet, buy rubber flip-flops (and big towels) at the store next door.

Photos with cartoon characters – Get your picture taken with your favorite cartoon characters, like Shrek and Donkey, SpongeBob, Curious George, Scooby-Doo. Just watch for characters strolling through the park, as well as photo opportunities posted at the park when you go in.


CityWalk –

    CityWalk is Universal Studios' pedestrian walkway with 30+ places to find dinner, sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, snacks, ice cream, coffee and more, plus shopping with toys and souvenirs, movies on the big screen. And, there's always something happening on the street at CityWalk – jugglers, jazz, live music and more.

Tip: The food in CityWalk is generally better and cheaper than inside the park, think about planning your day so lunchtime finds you near the gate (you can go out and come back in with your day ticket).

      Entertainment – Not all the fun and games are inside Universal Studios. At CityWalk you can go bowling (Jillian's Hi Life Lanes), experience indoor skydiving at iFLY (fun for everyone in the family).
    Movies Cinema Stadium AMC has 19 theaters, showing the latest movies. Want something even bigger? Head for IMAX movies, with its 60 foot high screen and 3D features that seem to put you right in the action.
    Fountain courtNeed a break to just cool down? Head for the Fountain Court where mini-water geysers shoot up from under the sidewalk! On a hot day, it feels great to get splashed – but even on cooler days kids can't seem to resist, so you might need a change of clothes.
  Tips for enjoying Universal Studios

Lines –Go to popular attractions early. You can wait at least an hour for newest and most popular attractions. Check the Studio Directory near the entrance and boards near each ride for wait-times as the day progresses.

Rides –Make sure your child meets the height requirements, before you get in line. Any restrictions are posted at the entrance to the ride. Park attendants do spot checks to verify that your kid is tall enough. (It wouldn't be fun to wait in line, only to get bumped out.)

Strollers To go from the Upper Lot to the Lower Lot, you take four long, steep escalators. Strollers are not advisable on the escalators; instead, take the elevator at the entrance to the first escalator.
Infants If you have an infant along for the ride, there are changing tables in all the restrooms.
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