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  National History Museum - Humboldt State UniversityThis compact well-stocked museum (located on G Street) is a gem! Make this your first stop to find out about the redwoods and local plants and animals of the North Coast – exhibits of butterflies, crabs, shells and sea stars, birds.
    Check out the really fine collection of fossils – ammonites, trilobites, fossil ferns, and hand-on activities – a big dinosaur puzzle and fossil dig box where budding paleontologists can practice digging.
      Gift shop has two local specialties – a charming plastic yellow banana slug (you'll see banana slugs on paths in the redwoods) and chocolate in the shape of a fossil chiton. Don't save this for a rainy day – worth a visit.
    Lighthouse Plaza mini golfEighteen hole mini-golf course with local landmarks and nautical theme. Picnic tables, convenience store and deli. Located west of Arcata, 180 Lupin Dr., off Hwy 255.

Fun food


Arcata Plaza Farmers Market – Arcata Plaza, center of Arcata since the 19th century, has a year-round farmers market every Saturday.


Enjoy the bounty of Humboldt County farms and ranches – locally grown lettuces, squashes, peppers, corn, seasonal fruits and berries, honey, cheeses, butter and eggs, beef, lamb and pork, fresh baked bread and pastries. We'd never seen purple bell peppers or bright red Dragon Toe peppers before ...

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