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Sea anemone
  Humboldt State University Marine Laboratory – The Marine Lab features marine life of the North Coast. In the aquarium tanks, there are ghostly strawberry anemones, sand dabs camouflaged in the sand, a giant Pacific octopus spreading its reddish tentacles over the glass, or grass-green pipe fish that look just like a piece of sea grass. Outside in the touch tanks, plunge your hands into the cool salt water to touch an exquisite red sea urchin, a pale green giant sea anemone, a soft squishy sunflower sea star or a rough, calcified leather sea star. In the summer, there are hands-on programs for kids by the marine lab staff. This lab is free and one of our favorites!
Trinidad State Beach

Trinidad State Beach – After you've been to the marine lab, head down to the beach at Trinidad Bay, a long curving sandy beach where you can run up and down and look for those creatures in the tide pools. Ask at the local stores for a tide table (tide pools are best at low tide). From the shore, you can also look for whales, seals, sea lions and harbor porpoises off shore.


Trinidad Head


College Cove and Elk Head


Kayaking Trinidad is a lovely section of coastline, and you'll want to get out on the water. You can kayak in the ocean or Big Lagoon up the road. Life jackets are provided (kid's sizes too), single or double kayaks (a little kid can sit up front in while the adult paddles).

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