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Crescent City

Crescent City Park
  City Park (Front St.) – The City Park, located on Front St., right along the water, is popular with local kids and families. At the entrance to the park is an adorable redwood bear carving, and also a huge hollow redwood section, 1600 years old, for kids to play in. A bike path goes along the water's edge, plenty of grassy areas and picnic tables. And you'll get the best views of the Crescent City harbor and all the fishing boats.
      The Fred Endert Municipal Swimming Pool is an indoor swimming pool with water slide, open to the public, recreation swim for all, every afternoon in the summer.
      West of the swimming pool is a shallow beach area, a great place for kids to wade and watch the shore birds.
      The "Kidtown" play area is exceptional – silvery natural wood climbing structures and castles, swings and sandbox.
      Make a quick stop by the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center. The Northcoast Marine Mammal Center rescues sick or hurt sea lions, seals or dolphins. You can see the recuperating animals in outdoor enclosures and watch them being fed. When we were there, one or two of the little sea lions had their own green plastic wading pool to play in.
Battery Point Lighthouse
  Battery Point Lighthouse – The lighthouse, built in 1856, is situated on a chunk of rock that even today is inaccessible at high tide. At low tide, you can walk across the rocks and sand to the lighthouse. April – Sept., 10:00am – 4:00pm (tides permitting), take a tour. Climb up the light tower, see the inside of the lighthouse, and hear about the history of the Battery Point Lighthouse.
    Pebble Beach tide pools – Along Pebble Beach Drive scads of tide pools are visible at low tide. There are stairs from the sidewalk down to the beach – spend some time poking through the clear pools looking for sea anemones, sea stars and hermit crabs.
Fly kites at Crescent Beach – On the stretch of flat sandy beach south of the harbor, Crescent Beach, there's usually a stiff breeze blowing in the afternoon. This is the perfect place for kids to fly kites. You can buy kites at the Wal Mart in town, or Gepetto's toy store in Eureka.
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