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San Francisco - North Beach

north beach gelato
  Columbus Ave. – Columbus Ave. is the heart of North Beach, the Italian section of San Francisco. From 1850, immigrants from Genoa, Tuscany and Sicily packed North Beach with restaurants and cafes. Today, North Beach is still chock a block with fun places to eat – any of time of day, you can sit down at a table on the sidewalk for pasta or panini, a pizza or gelato (ice cream).

Washington Square – Washington Square is a lovely oasis, a big chunk of green grass, ringed by large trees that are home to wild parrots (the parrots are hard to see in the trees, but you can hear them squawking, usually around dusk).


A park since 1862, there's a children's play area and restrooms in one corner of the park, lots of benches, grass to run around, bring sandwiches for lunch and gelato from nearby shops.

coit tower
  Coit Tower – No visit to San Francisco is complete without a trip to Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. (Telegraph Hill, so named because a semaphore on the hill signaled the arrival of ships with mail and supplies.) Coit Tower was built in the 1930's – the lobby is decorated with frescoes of California daily life during the Depression. From the top of Coit Tower, you can see the pyramid-shaped Transamerica building, San Francisco Bay, and Fisherman's Wharf. If the kids need a little exercise, walk up Telegraph Hill from North Beach.

Fun food


Here's two fun gelato shops:

    Lush Gelato (520 Columbus Ave.) – Freshly made, all local, ingredients – gelato flavors such as fresh mint and chocolate chunks, banana & salted caramel, sorbetto (no dairy) fruit flavors, e.g. strawberry and chocolate orange.
      Gelato Classico (576 Union St.) – Classic Italian gelato flavors, tiramisu, spumoni, coppa mista (chocolate, vanilla, almond, pistachio), sorbetto fruit flavors such as blackberry and mango, sundaes, Italian sodas. (Cash only)
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