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Pandas Beijing Zoo
  Beijing Zoo – The big draw of the Beijing Zoo is the giant pandas (which kids can't resist), but there are also golden monkeys from Sichuan, Yangtze alligators, cranes and deer, unique to China, and the Bactrian camel of Asia. Once the imperial gardens of a Ming dynasty prince, in the early twentieth century, the park was called "Garden of the Ten Thousand Animals." Today the zoo does have thousands of animals, but this is not the most animal-friendly zoo. As one family described it, "The pandas are treated like kings, and the rest of the animals are distressing."
    Boat ride to the Summer Palace – Take a pleasure boat ride on the canals to the Summer Palace (you can pretend you're Empress Cixi, who would spend days cruising on the water, starting from her Summer Palace). On the 50 min. cruise, you'll float under bridges, past an old temple, through the lakes in Purple Bamboo Park, docking at the Summer Palace, near the Jade Belt Bridge (Camel's Back Bridge) on the western side of the lake. Pick up the dragon boats in the lake behind the Bejing Exhibition Centre, close to the Beijing Zoo. This boat ride is summers only.
    Purple Bamboo Park (Zizhuyuan Park) – This one of Beijing's prettiest parks, three lakes and two islands, connected by lovely bridges. The lakes are densely filled with flowering lotus plants, and park is planted with bamboo and other flowering plants. Popular with local Beijing families, there's also a children's playground and small amusement park.
    Great Bell Temple (Dazhongsi) – The Great Bell Temple houses a gigantic bronze bell, the biggest in China and one of the oldest bells in the world. Climb up the tower to look down on this 46 ton " king of bells." Also, stop into the Ancient Bell Museum to see tons of ancient bells, decorated with Chinese figures and dragon handles (bells are struck with a stick). Buy a CD to hear what the bells sound like – it's a great souvenir to bring home.
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