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Varadero Beach
Cuba might not be your first stop in the Caribbean, but it's a fascinating place to visit with older kids. These tips come from a friend who visited Cuba with her twelve year old nephew. She said, " No matter where you look, you’ll see something you haven’t seen before. It’s a world away."
  Havana (La Habana)
  Varadero BeachRelax and spend a beach day in the crystal blue waters and white sand beaches at Varadero. Kids will also enjoy a boat ride to explore the reefs. Get a horse and buggy ride around town too.
    Bellamar caves (Cuevas de Bellamar, Matanzas)Close to Veradero, visit the Bellamar caves.  Classic stalagtite and stalagmite formations in these nifty limestone caves.
Cueva del Indio, Vinales ValleyThis large cave was once inhabited by local Indians and you can still see petroglyphs on the rocks. The best part is a boat ride across an underground lake in the cave. Much more fun than Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland. The Vinales Valley is also beautiful countryside.

Ride horsesRiding horses is a great way to see the Cuban countryside, lush green fields and red ochre earth. Arrange through your hotel, or look for places to rent horses in the countryside.

  Tip: Everywhere you go, you’ll hear Cuban music. Many of the cafes in Old Havana have live bands.

Fun food


Try the fresh sugar cane drink. In the hotels, banana shakes are a good choice. Ice cream is also delicious in mango and coconut flavors.




Look for maracas and Cuban music as souvenirs, music is a lovely memory to bring back home.

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A real cultural exchange, meet the people of Cuba, farmers, artists, school students, naturalists, explore Havanna, and enjoy nature preserves of this tropical island - a family trip to Cuba will stay with your kids forever.

Here's our editors' choice for a Cuba cultural exchange tour, where you'll visit an artist's tile studio, shop at local markets (learn what it takes to feed a Cuban family), meet students at a school in Vinales Valley, take hikes to see wildlife and waterfalls, eat local cuisine in family-run restaurants and cool off in the swimming pool at the end of the day (kids 8 and up, especially good with teens):

    Classic Journeys
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Celia Cruz: Queen of Salsa cuba kids  
Celia Cruz: Queen of Salsa
Veonica Chambers, Julie Maren

In Havana there lived a girl, Celia Cruz, and she sang like a bird. A vibrant story of Celia Cruz, growing up in Cuba, her family, her singing, her dreams. Lush, colorful illustrations. (Picture book)


The Bossy Gallito
Lucia M. Gonzalez, Lulu Delacre

Lively retelling of a traditional Cuban folktale – a bossy little rooster, gallito, asks the grass, the goat, the stick, the fire, the water to help him out, but they will not, until the gallito calls upon his friend, the sun. Picturesque illustrations. (Picture book)


folktale children cuba The Bossy Gallito
Under the Royal Palms cuba kids history  
Under the Royal Palms
Alma Flor Ada

Lyrical stories of a childhood in Cuba – counting bats in the warm tropical evening, creeping through a jungle of thorn bushes, the whole family making figurines for Christmas, legend of the white buzzard. Good for older kids. (Chapter book)


Anna Cavallo

Get to know the land, people and culture of Cuba – mountains and beaches, history, cities, holidays, food, school, family life, sports, music and dance. (Picture book)


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