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Havana (La Habana)

  Fortresses of La Cabana and El MorroOn the western side of the harbor, visit the oldest fort in Havana, El Morro, and the biggest fort, La Cabana. Both fortresses have plenty of corners for kids to explore and a museum with historical costumes and armor. Don’t miss the firing of the cannon at 9:00pm every night from La Cabana.

Walk around Old Havana (Habana Vieja)Walk the main street of Old Havana, Calle Obispo, then jog over a few streets to hit the Catedral de La Habana. The facade of the church is classic rococo Hispanic architecture. The spacious plaza in front of the church is a spot to shop for souvenirs. For a longer walk, head for the Malecon, the sea wall, and the castle of San Salvador de la Punta at the entrance to the harbor.

    Visit the Columbus Cemetery (Cemetario de Colon)This cemetery is one of the biggest in the world, crowded with brilliant white statues and monuments. Because it is so large, there’s always something going on and is a wonderful way to see Cuban life up close. At one woman’s grave, people come to pray for miracles. You’re likely to see long funeral processions too.
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