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Prague - Jewish Quarter (Josefov)

In Prague, there has been a Jewish community for over a thousand years. Fortunately, it has withstood the ravages of time, and this section of Prague is unique. The Jewish Quarter is the setting for the golem story, which kids will find fascinating. In the legend, Rabbi Loew created the golem, a giant from clay, to aid and protect the Jewish community. To begin with, the golem was a big help, but as it became more powerful, the golem ran amok, until the Rabbi removed the magic stone that gave the golem life.
OId Jewish cemetery - Prague
  Old Jewish Cemetery – The Old Jewish Cemetery is densely filled with tombstones, almost 12,000 of them. You'll follow a path through the cemetery, past sandstone and marble headstones, right by the grave of Rabbi Loew (candles are lit), and other famous 17th century personages. (This is not a cemetery where kids can wander as they please, but the path is well laid out.)
    Old-New Synagogue – The Old-New Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, dating back to the 13th century. The small, medieval style building has such a presence, a spare simplicity, with whitewashed walls, old golden burnished metal sconces to hold candles, and smooth wooden benches, where generations of people have sat to worship.
    The Spanish Synagogue – The Spanish Synagogue is just amazing – glorious Moorish patterns, golden stars on a blue background, geometric designs in maroon, forest green and teal, exquisitely gilded. The Synagogue was built in the 19th century, but it has been recently restored and it's a real gem.
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Golem legend kids prague  
David Wisniewski

Spellbinding retelling of the golem legend, Rabbi Loew chants spells from the Cabala that breathe life into the clay giant, the golem. After the emperor guarantees safety for the Jews, Rabbi Loew returns the golem to clay – perhaps one day it will come to life again. Dazzling cut-paper illustrations. (Picture book)


A Boy of Old Prague
Sulamith Ish-Kishor

In the 16th century, Tomas, a young peasant boy, is caught stealing a chicken for his sick mother. His punishment is to work for a Jewish family in the ghetto, where he finds the kindness of strangers. (Chapter book)


A Boy of Old Prague childrens books jewish quarter prague
Built by Angels
Mark Podwal

The perfect introduction before you visit the Old-New Synagogue, legends and history of a centuries-old place of prayer. It's said that the angels built the synagogue stone by stone, the golem rests in the dusty attic, and white doves saved it from destruction by fire. (Picture book)


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