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Canterbury Cathedral
  Canterbury Cathedral – Canterbury Cathedral, is just a glorious example of soaring Gothic architecture and medieval stained glass windows. But there's more – the cathedral is also the spot where Thomas a Becket was murdered (on King Henry II's inadvertent request). The shrine to Becket became a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages – and Canterbury Cathedral Priory was a great monastery. And centuries before, in 597 A.D. St. Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, arrived from Rome to set up a church on this site. Kids will be impressed with this medieval cathedral.
      The vaulted ceiling and exterior facade is decorated with many different coats of arms of medieval knights. Don't miss the statues of English kings on the screen between the nave and choir, and the tomb of Edward, the Black Prince. The cathedral has wonderful acoustics for concerts – it's spine-tingling to hear the great pipe organ played. Plus, ringing the bells in the towers.
      Outside the cathedral, wander around the Great Cloister, imagining monks at work – illuminating manuscripts or instructing novices. Check out the lovely stained glass in the Chapter House.

Walk around Canterbury – Climb up the West Gate Tower, the only original gate of the medieval city, for a great view of the cathedral and city panorama. Stroll around town through small windy streets, (cars aren't allowed in the center of town during the day), lots of medieval, Tudor, 18th century house fronts. Cross the Stour River to High Street, once on the main route from London to Dover.

    Roman Museum (Longmarket) – An underground museum that takes you back 2,000 years, when Canterbury was an outpost of the Roman empire. Find out about the Roman town, excavated underneath the Longmarket Shopping Center – see what shopping and home life was like in Roman times. Hands-on activities and games for kids.
    Canterbury Castle – Run round the crumbling ruins of the Norman keep. Originally an 11th century motte and bailey, the stone castle was built in the 12th century, but quickly became the county jail (not terribly comfortable for the prisoners).
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