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East Anglia

Eastern England, East Anglia is a large ear-shaped area on the North Sea, comprised of four counties – Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. People have lived in East Anglia for thousands of years, from Bronze and Iron Age settlements, to the Romans, Anglo Saxons, and Normans. Traveling with kids in East Anglia, you'll find lots of choose from – ancient archeological sites, re-constructed 7th century villages, medieval cathedrals, the great university of Cambridge, boat cruises through a maze of rivers, and miles of coast to explore.
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Green Knowe series  - kids books England  

In this wonderful fantasy series, set in Cambridgeshire, kids who visit the manor house of Green Knowe discover magic in the miles of river and islands, richly inhabited with creatures large and small, and meet children from centuries past, all who lived in the house and loved the sparkling watermeadows and endless countryside. Absolutely magical! (Chapter book)



More sailing adventures of the four Walker children (Swallows and Amazons). A day of sailing around Harwich Harbor unexpectedly turns into an ocean voyage, when the fog closes in and they drift out to sea. (Chapter book)


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