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Nottingham and Lincoln

  Sherwood Forest and Nottingham – Sherwood Forest is synonymous with the legend of Robin Hood. Explore Nottingham Castle, a Norman castle that dates back to William the Conquerer. Inside the castle dress up in Tudor costumes; just outside the palace is a lively statute of Robin Hood. Roam around Sherwood Forest Country Park, hundreds of acres to explore on foot or horseback.
    Lincoln Castle (Lincoln) – Lincoln was once the site of an old Roman city (Lindum). Later William the Conquerer had Lincoln Castle constructed on the same spot. In 1215, the Bishop of Lincoln witnessed the signing of the Magna Carta, so one of the four original copies is on display at the Castle. (Did the nobles ever get tired of signing these things?) For 900 years, the castle was an infamous prison. Many prisoners were sent to Australia, others lost their heads on the ramparts. A weatherworn castle filled with ghosts of the past!
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Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Paul Creswick, N.C. Wyeth

Lively retelling of the Robin Hood tale with rich, old-world illustrations. When Robin shoots the peacock arrow of Richard the Lionheart to win an archery tournament, the Sheriff's men go after him. Robin escapes to Sherwood Forest to fight the Sheriff, and steal from the rich to give to the poor. A great read aloud. (Chapter book, illustrations)


The Outlaws of Sherwood
Robin McKinley

Exciting novel of Robin Hood, an apprentice forester, but forced to flee, becoming a "green young outlaw," living in the depths of the forest with his band of loyal friends, high-spirited Marian, Much, Little John, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck. A good long book, full of local color and life in the Middle Ages. Good for older kids. (Chapter book)


The Outlaws of Sherwood adventure kids robin hood nottingham england
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
Robert D. San Souci, E.B. Lewis

"Long ago in England, there lived a great archer named Robin Hood." Exciting retelling of Robin Hood and his merry men, as they enter an archery contest in disguise, and outsmart the Sheriff of Nottingham. Fabulous illustrations. (Picture book)


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