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  Oxford – Oxford University
    Blenheim Palace (Woodstock) – Blenheim Palace, not only the birthplace of Winston Churchill, but the gardens have a huge maze and narrow gauge railway, and you can hire motorboats or boats to row on Blenheim Lake.
    Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens (Burford) – Spend the day at a manor house on 160 acres of parkland and gardens, populated with collections of mammals, reptiles, and birds. Take a ride on the narrow gauge railway around the grounds or stop into the brass rubbing centre in the manor house. For little kids, there's the Children's Farmyard with Shetland ponies, goats, geese, chickens, and a playground. Bring a picnic (there are picnic areas or spread out on the lawns) and for a treat, have a Cotswold cream tea in the Orangery.
    White Horse (Uffington)On a large grassy hillside, a white horse is outlined in chalk, perhaps the oldest hill figure in Britain, 3000 years old. (The chalk outlines are cleaned regularly to keep the white horse from getting overgrown.) Close by is the site of an ancient hill fort, Uffington Castle. Nothing remains of the wooden fort except the earthworks, but it's a great spot, and you can imagine Alfred the Great fighting the Danes centuries ago.
      A short distance away, according to local legend, on Dragon Hill, St. George fought the dragon and won. Where the dragon's blood was spilled, no grass can grow – look for the bald spot on the hilltop.
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The White Horse Talisman white horse hill england legends kids
The White Horse Talisman
Andrea Spalding

While riding ponies on White Horse Hill, a child discovers a broken coin, a golden talisman. The talisman is the key to restore the Old Magic, vanquish the Dragon, and once again, the White Horse and the Red Mare will ride the wind together. Local legends are beautifully interwoven into this fantasy story. (Chapter book)


Saint George and the Dragon
Margaret Hodges, Trina Schart Hyman

Wonderful retelling of the story from Spenser's Faerie Queen, "in the days when monsters and giants and fairy folk lived in England." The Queen of the Fairies sends the Red Cross Knight on a quest to kill the fearsome dragon. Rich, old-world illustrations. (Picture book)


Saint George and the Dragon legend knight
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