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SeaWorld Orlando


On your visit to SeaWorld, fun for everyone in the family, including grandparents, kids will experience the wonders of the aquatic world – Shamu killer whales and their delightful relatives, the dolphins, penguins and puffins galore, barking seals and sea lions, gentle giants of the sea, the manatees, slippery stingrays, toothy sharks, sea turtles, plus rides and live shows.

At the Entrance –

Show times and park map – Pick which live shows you want to see, and check the show schedule at the Information Center. If you want to feed the Dolphins, go to Dolphin Cove to find the feeding times. Plan a general route through the park, and choose a few must-dos in each section, depending on your kids' ages and interests.

      Strollers and wheelchairs – Stop at Guest Services and rent a stroller for toddlers. Wheelchairs are also available.
      Lockers – Get a locker to stow purchases and any extra things you don't want to lug around all day.
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Shark Encounter – Walk through an underground tunnel to see brown, sandtiger, blacktip, sawtooth and nurse sharks swimming overhead. Our Travel for Kids video is just a preview of what kids will see as you walk through a glass tunnel with sharks gliding overhead!


Turtle Trek – This is the place to see all kinds of amazing sea turtles - green sea, hawksbills, loggerhead, and leatherback turtles.

Dolphin feeding

Dolphin Cove – Kids will definitely want a chance to feed the dolphins. First things, go over to Dolphin Cove to find out the feeding times, which vary, there isn't a set schedule. At feeding time, wait in line to purchase food (nice tasty fish), then stand along the edge of the cove – the dolphins will come up to you, and you can feed and pet them! (Tip: Come early to be sure to get a spot in line.)


Dolphin Cove also has an underwater viewing area, to watch the dolphins playing underwater.


Pacific Point – Watch seals and sea lions having fun in the water, and don't miss the feedings.

Live Shows – Check out the schedule of live shows with dolphins, sea lions, and more. You should get to the show at least 15 minutes in advance to get a good seat. Click here for the schedule.
    Blue Horizon – Ocean meets the sky in this colorful extravaganza with dolphin duos leaping out of the water, and acrobats spinning and diving into the water.
    Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island – Hilarious comedy show with a chubby walrus, sea lions and otters, "helping" pirates search for buried treasure.

Shamu's Happy Harbor – This area is designed for younger kids, with a Water Works water play area, play steel drums, Net Climb (creep up nets and crawl through tunnels), colorful ship to explore, Sea Carousel with ocean creatures, and Shamu Express, a small roller coaster with Shamu-shaped cars.


Kraken – Teens will want to step into this monster roller coaster ride, the tallest coaster in Orlando.


Journey to Atlantis – Hoping to cool off on a hot day, at the end of the ride, your boat plummets down a water cascade, sending up a huge splash of water (and you'll get soaked).


Before you go on the ride, check out the Jewel of the Sea Aquarium, with jellyfish, moon jellies, rays and fish under your feet.


Manta – A thrilling roller coaster ride, but there's also an aquarium with bat rays and other exotic fish.


Sky Tower – Take a ride up the 400 ft sky tower, for bird's eye views in all directions.

Paddle boats – Go boating on the lake in charming pink flamingo paddle boats (life jackets are provided). Rent the boats at the north end of the lake.
  Tips for enjoying SeaWorld

Getting wet Come prepared to get wet (hey, remember, most of the marine animals at SeaWorld live in the water) on Journey to Atlantis, soak zone in Shamu Stadium and the water play area. Getting soaked is refreshing in summer, but in cooler winter weather, kids might want dry clothes.

    Height requirements for rides Make sure your child meets the height requirements, before you get in line.
      Journey to Atlantis Kids must be 42" tall.
      Kraken Kids must be 54 " tall.

Infants The Baby Care Center on near Shamu's Happy Harbor is an oasis, with a comfortable spot for mothers to feed their infants and change diapers.


Fun food


There's lots of food and snacks at SeaWorld, from sit-down dining (with a children's menu) to pizza, sandwiches, Cajun and Caribbean, ice cream and cold drinks. There's also a picnic area, go right from entrance in the direction of the Atlantis Bayside Stadium.

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Travel tip: Order tickets in advance, and no waiting in ticket lines for SeaWorld:

SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando
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