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Frankfurt - Day trips

  Taunus Hills (north of Frankfurt)
      Go for a hike – Locals prefer the forest between Frankfurt Sachsenhausen and Neu Isenburg and in the Taunus hills just north of Frankfurt, especially parts of the old Limes.
      Go horseback riding – There are also many places in the Taunus for horseback riding, but be forewarned, they tend to offer English style riding only.
    Bad Homburg – Not to be confused with Hamburg, Bad Homburg just north of Frankfurt is worth a stop to see the Hutmuseum. This museum has a collection of 400 years of headwear, some that once topped famous heads. Hats are displayed along with details on the fashions of its periods and there's a display of the technique of the hatter's craft. The museum was inspired by a high school teacher who donated his own collection to start it in this, the native land of the "homburg." The local Taunus Mountain folk hat became fashionable when England's Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), came to the town spa for the waters. He liked the local hat so much he took to wearing it back in London – starting a fad that's lasted for over 100 years.
  Opel Zoo – Near Bad Homburg/Königstein, this zoo and petting area is great for kids.
    Offenbach – This is where Germany's best leather goods are made. Clearly a great place for shopping but make time to stop in at the Leder und Schuhmuseum (Leather and Shoe Museum). The museum has thousands of leather goods – it's the largest museum of its kind in the world. Check out an ancient Egyptian doctor's pouch ca. 4000 BC, items from ancient China, and medieval Europe.
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