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On Hadrian's Arch is inscribed, "This is Athens, the ancient city of Theseus," Theseus who killed the Minotaur. Athens comes into many myths, like its patron goddess, Athena. It's one of the oldest cities – people have been living here for over five millenia. And because the Athenians were amazing builders and fabulous artists, exploring Athens with kids is the key stone to ancient Greece.
  The Acropolis and Agora – Parthenon
    Plaka and Monastiraki
    Syntagma Square – National Gardens
    National Archaeological Museum
    Lykavitos (Lycabettus)
    Ride the Metro – The metro in Athens is a modern system, and absolutely your best way to get around Athens! At the stations, there are excavation exhibits (when they were digging the subway, they kept bumping into all sorts of ancient stuff) – an old aqueduct, potters kiln, Christian graves, ancient road, plus vases and statues. It's cheap and fast, get a day ticket and hop on and off.



Bring an extra tote bag to hold all your souvenirs from Athens – dolls in costume (some are museum reproductions), polished stone eggs, embroidered slippers and shirts, miniature Greek vases and statues, ceramic boxes, tiny bronze helmets, clay horses, painted wooden donkeys, onyx boxes, Athena's owl, Greek music.

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The Acropolis is an amazing ruin, the site of festivals, religious rituals and theater, but how to make it come alive for kids? Take a three hour private family walking tour with a knowledgeable guide (includes skip the line tickets):

Acropolis and Agora Tour for Kids
The National Archeological Museum is just chock full of stunning statues from ancient Greece, but can you tell the difference between Zeus and Poseidon? Find out about the gods, goddesses and heroes on a family walking tour of the museum :
National Archeological Museum Tour for Kids
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where is the parthenon  
Where is the Parthenon?
Roberta Edwards

Illustrated history of the Parthenon – Pericles plan to build the temple in the 5th century BC, Phidias gold covered statue of Athena and marble frieze sculptures, how the temple was constructed, Parthenon became a Christian church, Islamic mosque, and ruin over the centuries. (Chapter book)



See what life was like in Athens in 400 BC, choose to be a government official, sculptor, or philospher, work on the Parthenon, study with Socrates, go to war with the Spartans. (Chapter book)


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The Parthenon childrens books athens greece  
The Parthenon
Elizabeth Mann

History of Athens and story of the Parthenon – why the Acropolis was built, destroyed by wars, and rebuilt even more gloriously. Glowing reconstruction pictures and full two page spread bring ancient Athens to life. (Picture book)


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