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Florence – Day trips

  Arezzo – This charming old hill town less than an hour from Florence is noted for the Piero della Francesca frescoes in the Bascilica of San Francesco.
    Around the Piazza Grande stop into a café for a gelato. Since Etruscan times, Arezzo has been famous for it's goldsmiths, and today, the world's largest gold manufacturing plant is in Arezzo. Spend some time browsing in the gold and silver shops for souvenirs.

Museo Leonardiano di Vinci (Vinci) – Visit the town of Vinci to see a Leonardo da Vinci museum, situated in a medieval castle.

      The museum is chock full of exact models of Leonardo's inventions – steam cannon, revolving crane, removable bridge, automatic weaving loom, multi-barreled gun, self-propelling cart, hydraulic saw, mechanical clock, boat with paddle wheels, along with animated digital reconstructions.
      After visiting the museum, go up to the panoramic terrace for views and go for a walk on trails through the countryside around Vinci. Kids can imagine Leonardo exploring and sketching the Tuscan landscape.
      The museum is open daily, but try to go on a weekday, weekends can be crowded.
      Tip: Read our blog post "Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions."
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who was leonardo da vinci
Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci?
Roberta Edwards, True Kelley

Illustrated biography of the guy who did it all – he was a painter, inventor, engineer, pageant director, sculptor, musician. He observed nature, studied the human body, drew maps and designed weapons. (Chapter book)


Leonardo da Vinci
(Magic Tree House Fact Tracker)
Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce

Find out about Leonardo da Vinci and his world, the Renaissance and life in Florence for this incredible artist, inventor and scientist. Packed with Leonardo's drawings and paintings, perfect to bring on your trip. (Chapter book)


Leonardo da Vinci Research Guide kids books
Leonardo da Vinci childrens books  
Leonardo da Vinci
Diane Stanley

Engaging story of Leonardo da Vinci – his fascination with nature as a child, busy years painting, his inventions, scientific studies, sculptures, pageants and costume designs. Rich, detailed illustrations bring Leonardo to life. (Picture book)



Read about the long life of Leonardo and the world in which he lived, Renaissance Italy. Not a peaceful time for a vegetarian artist, but he flourished on his art and science. Historical illustrations, drawings, maps, paintings, bring the Renaissance to life. (Chapter book)



Pop-up biography of Leonardo da Vinci, from apprenticeship in Florence to his brilliant drawings of the human body and mechanical inventions, famous portraits and paintings, design for a colossal horse, robots and ideal city. (Activity book)


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