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The resort town of Sorrento is a good place to stay while exploring the ruins of Pompeii and Heruculaneum, or the Amalfi Coast. An ancient town, Surrentum was very popular with Roman emperors, but it escaped the destruction of Mt. Vesuvius. Sorrento stretches along the cliffs above the ocean, with lovely views of the Bay of Naples.
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    L'Agruminato - Giardini di Cataldo – Sorrento is famous for its lemons, and kids can visit a lemon grove right into the middle of town. It's a cool and shady in the grove underneath laden lemon trees, and nice wooden benches to relax. At the western end of the garden is a stand where you can buy cold drinks.
      From Piazza Tasso, it's just a short walk up Corso Italia, just past Piazza Angelina Lauro, on the left side of the street.
      Tip: Before going into the garden, we stopped across the street at Giardini di Cataldo gelateria (Corso Italia 267) to pick up lemon gelatos.
    Cloister San Francesco (Chiesa di San Francesco) – The church of San Francesco has a lovely medieval cloister (entrance outside the church, west side). Look at the column decorations – they're all different, some were taken from ancient ruins, others are medieval.
    Walk down to the marinas – Next to San Francesco church, walk west to a grassy square (Villa Communale), and you'll see stairs going down to the water below. It's a charming walk on smooth worn stones, through ancient passageways, coming out at the ocean. At the marinas, kids can watch the boats coming and going. It's a bit of a hike back up, feeling lazy, take the elevator back up to the square where you started.
      Tip: Although Marina San Francesco has an enclosed jetty, this is not a swimming beach and no lifeguards. If kids really want to put their swim suits, they can build sand castles on the pebbly beach.
  Day trip to Capri Boats for Capri leave from the Sorrento marina. Check out the schedule. Tip: Get an early start, the Blue Grotto will be very crowded in summer by noon.
    Getting to Sorrento – From Rome, take the one hour high speed (Frecciarossa) train to Naples. Then ride the Circumvesuviana commuter train, or take the speedy boat that goes from Naples port to Sorrento.

Fun food


Kids will want to try all the lemon candies, lemonade and lemon gelato (parents can sample limoncello liqueur). And delicious traditional pastries of Campania - sfogliatelle, flaky layers of pastry with ricotta in the center and zeppole (it's like a mini cream puff).




Sorrento is well known for its inlaid wooden boxes, beautifully decorated with scenes of Sorrento. We also bought lemon colored egg ornaments for our Christmas and Easter egg collection.

    Tip: Read our blog post: Sorrento is Lemon Yellow
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Travel for Kids has plenty of fun things to do exploring ancient ruins, but you'll need a fun place to stay.

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