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    Iga-ryu Ninja Museum – Iga-Ueno is the legendary home of the ninja spies. The museum is housed in the secret home of the ninja for over 400 years. Discover secret doors in the building, learn about ninja skills and weapons. On the first Sunday each month, from 11am - 3pm, there are ninja demonstrations in the open space in front of the museum.
    Iga Ueno Castle – Next door to the Ninja Museum is this (reconstructed) 16th century castle, with high stone walls, winged roofs, nice grounds and a great view of the city.
    Iga Braid Center (Iga Kumihimo Center) – Stop into the Iga Braid Center to watch braided silk cords (kumihimo) being made. Braided silk cords are used to tie obi belts and fasten short kimono coats. The braiding process is intricate and there are many different patterns. The center is also a good place to buy this traditional handicraft.
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Night of the Ninjas
Mary Pope Osborne

The magic tree house drops Jack and Annie into Japan centuries ago, where they meet up with a ninja master who shows them that the secret of the warrior isn't necessarily a sword. (Easy reader)

Also, Ninjas and Samurai, non-fiction Fact Tracker companion book.


Real Ninja
Stephen Turnbull, James Field

History and twenty true stories of the ninja, masters of deception, including ninja families of Iga. Plus ninja training, disguises, techniques for breaking into castles, secret poisons, weapons and equipment. (Picture book)


Real Ninja history kids
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