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Malaysia comes in two parts, Peninsular Malaysia, and East Malaysia, on the northern edge of Borneo. Traveling throughout Malaysia with kids, you'll find warm, friendly people, unusual wildlife, pristine tropical rainforests and beaches.
  Kuala Lumpur
    Sarawak (East Malaysia)
    Sabah (East Malaysia)
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Delightful collection of Malaysian tales – kingdom of the crocodiles, how the tapir lost his horn, a village fool tricks the giant with a leaky boat, the dragon of Kinabalu. Nine enchanting stories with colorful illustrations, in a charming folk art style.
(Chapter book)



Autobiographical adventures growing up in a traditional Malaysian village (kampung) by the famous cartoonist Lat – fried bananas and boiled tapioca, Koran class, guarding durian trees, fishing and swimming with friends in the river. Full of warmth and humor, this is a gem. (Cartoon book)


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