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Namib - Naukluft Park

Namib-Naukluft Park is a very large park that includes the Namib Desert, one of the oldest deserts in the world, with the highest sand dunes. With less than an inch of rain a year, strange flora, such as the camel thorn tree, and blue and orange lizards survive in this inhospitable environment. An amazing landscape to explore, kids will be amazed by the rusty red sand dunes, so unbelievably high.
    Sesriem Canyon – Hike down this narrow canyon, deeply carved by the Tsauchab River, and lined with awesome sandstone rock formations. The loop trail is an easy walk through the canyon, and especially glowing at sunset.
Jumping at the dunes
  Dune 45 – This is the perfect dune for kids to go play on. The dune is easily accessible, just a short drive off the main road, then hike up about 15 minutes. Kids can race and leap through the dune, and listen to the sand vibrating.
    Sossusvlei – Here’s where you can see the really big dunes, constantly re-shaped by the wind, and among the highest in the world. Go early in the morning to enjoy marvelous shapes and colors.
    Dead Vlei - While you’re in the neighborhood, also take the trail to Dead Vlei, a white salt pan with ancient trees (oldest is 900 years old). The Dead Vlei looks like a Martian landscape with cracked white earth, twisty leafless trees, and massive red dunes rising from the salt pan.
    Tip: To get to the dunes and Dead Vlei, take the shuttle from the car park (this shortens the walking time considerably).
    Horseback riding – South of the park, ride through grassy valleys and wide open spaces on horseback. Desert Homestead has horses suitable for kids three and up, and can arrange guided rides.
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