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Peruvian Amazon

manu national park
In complete contrast to the arid coast, the Amazon constitutes almost half of Peru. This is the Amazon at its most exciting, with dense rain forests, the longest river in the world, and the most species of anywhere on the planet. If you're traveling with your kids to the Amazon region of Peru, you're going for the adventure of the rainforest at its most spectacular.
  River Boat Tours, Iquitos – The gateway to the Peruvian Amazon, where the Ucayali and Maranon rivers meet. A good way to explore the Amazon is on a river boat expedition. Some companies offer day trips, but if you can swing it the longer over-night expeditions are unforgettable. From the comfort (and safety) of the boat, you'll see sloths, howler and capuchin monkeys, perhaps even an anaconda, a jaguar or a flock of macaws!
  Manu National Park One of the most pristine rain forests on Earth, this is one of only 200 "World Heritage Sites." All kinds of trips can be planned in the park, some by bus and some by plane. You can choose to camp by the lakes, in the mountains, or in lodges in the rain forest.
  Tambopata Candamo Reserve – Almost four million acres in the south eastern part of the Peruvian Amazon, created by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the government of Peru. This is considered the world's most biodiverse area! Hundreds of bird, mammal, butterfly species and 10,000 species of animals are protected by the reserve.
      Largest known mineral clay lick – A 50 meter high cliff of red clay where you can see the spectacular display of hundreds of parrots and macaws that gather here daily. It's also a favorite spot for tapirs and monkeys – and it's a short walk from the lodge.
      Walking trails – Hire a guide, this is no place for walk on your own.
      Canoe trips – Keep your eyes open – is that a giant otter? And in the trees – well, keep your mouth closed and your hand on the camera.
  Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research  – A joint private and public sector research center open to the general public (well, the adventurous general public...) Go and you'll climb higher in a jungle than Tarzan ever did, and explore the magical world of the rainforest canopy. Extensive trails wind through the Center, including one called "The Medicine Trail" which shows off local plants used in modern medicine. Stay the night in the thatched roof lodge: beyond cool.
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zonia's rain forest  
Zonia's Rain Forest
Juana Martinez-Neal

Zonia lives in the Peruvian Amazon rain forest. Every morning she goes out, guided by a blue Morpho butterfly. Zonia greets her friends – two-toed sloth, coati, jaguar, pink dolphin, giant anteater, boa constrictor. But when she returns home, the forest has been chopped down. "We must all answer." (Picture book)



Discover the world's largest rain forest and mighty Amazon River. Find out about fascinating animal, birds, fish, insects, trees and plants, traditional life of native peoples, and conservation today. (Picture book)


The Amazon
fourteen monkeys  
Fourteen Monkeys: A Rain Forest Rhyme
Melissa Stewart, Steve Jenkins

Manu National Park in Peru has more monkeys than any rain forest on earth. How can so many monkeys survive together? They don't compete for food and live in different parts of the rain forest, from upper canopy to forest floor. Fourteen different species of monkeys, gorgeous collages! (Picture book)


The Rainforest Grew All Around
Susan K. Mitchell, Connie McLennan

A rhyming story in the rainforest, a seed grows into a kapok tree, a jaguar lives in the tree, vines curl near the cat, boa, leafcutter ants, sloths, bromeliads, frogs, toucans, bats grow all around, plus a rainforest cookie recipe. Gorgeous illustrations of rainforest plants and animals. (Picture book)


the rainforest grew all around
The Great Kapok Tree  
The Great Kapok Tree
Lynne Cherry

In the Amazon rain forest, a tree-cutter falls asleep under a spreading Kapok tree. In his dreams, a boa constrictor, monkeys, toucan and macaw, tree frog, anteater, jaguar,and sloth, all speak to the man of the wonder, beauty and importance of a single tree in the rain forest. Marvelously illustrated. (Picture book)


Afternoon on the Amazon
(Magic Tree House)
Mary Pope Osborne

The magic tree house drops Jack and Annie into a tropical rain forest. On the run from army ants, floating down the river in a dugout canoe, Jack and Annie are saved by a monkey, but will they escape an angry mother jaguar? (Easy reader)

Also, non-fiction companion book: Rain Forests


afternoon on the amazon
We're Roaming in the Rainforest toddlers books brazil  
We're Roaming the Rainforest
Laurie Krebs, Anne Wilson

Sunrise to sunset in the Amazon rainforest – monkeys hang by their tails, sloths snooze in the trees, pink dolphins swim in the river, poison dart frogs hide under logs, otters cuddle together till they fall asleep. Two page, colorful collage illustrations, fun for little kids. (Picture book)


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