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Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo)

Catherine Palace
The Catherine Palace was built by Empress Elizabeth, who named it after her mother, Catherine I. Elizabeth was fond of elaborate architecture and lots of gold domes, and liked lots of rooms. When Catherine II (the Great) inherited the palace, did she re-did the interior to her liking, and spent each summer here. In the Amber Room, kids can get ideas about re-decorating their own rooms at home.
  Catherine Palace
    The Amber Room is a must see! The walls are covered in an ornate mosaic of amber pieces – myriad shades of golden amber glistening in the light! The room is a re-creation of the original amber panels, given by Friedrich I of Prussia to Peter the Great. The panels disappeared in World War II, but have been painstakingly re-created from photographs. Even if your kids are blase about visiting palaces, they'll be really impressed by the Amber Room (so plan to spend most of your time in this one room.)
    Other rooms that really stand out are the Picture Hall (every inch of this huge high-ceilinged room has been wall-papered in 17th and 18th century paintings), the Great Hall (used for extravagant costume balls), and the Knight's Banqueting Hall (decorated with a long dining table and tons of fancy china).

Catherine Park

    Great Pond – On the Great Pond, take a boat pulled on cables to the island in the middle of the lake. You can pretend that you're Catherine the Great, sailing on the pond in a golden gondola while musicians played on the island. Also on the island, climb up the Chesma Monument for a good view of the pond.
      As you walk around the pond, you'll see the crumbling Turkish Bath (just looks cool), the little brown pyramid (Catherine the Great buried her pet dogs here) and a marble bridge. Close to the lake, dabble your fingers into the tiny stream of water next to the statue called the Girl with a Pitcher, made famous in the poem by Pushkin. "She sits timelessly sad over the timeless stream."
      Formal Gardens – Run around the pools and paths in the formal garden, and check out the long narrow "fish canal" (the palace chefs caught fish for dinner from the canal).
      To explore the gardens in style, get a horse carriage at the entrance to the formal gardens, and go for a dashing ride around the park.
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