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Burgos, founded in the 9th C. (the Celtic-Iberian era) is home of the Cathedral of Burgos, consideredone of the best examples of a Gothic cathedral. History is the main reason for coming here – the beauty of a graceful medieval town is everywhere.
  El Espolón Boulevard, the center of town, is a great place to start exploring Burgos with kids. Everywhere you go, you'll see examples of the history here: celtic designs next to Moorish arches near a Roman aquaduct. While strolling around the city, a great place to stop for a snack is around the Cathedral, where you'll find a cluster of tapas bars: cafes that specialize in tapas (little plates of "savories,") the perfect fast-food way to sample a lot of different dishes.
    The Burgos Cathedral in the Plaza Santa María is a treasure of Gothic architecture begun in 1221. Besides the sheer beauty of the architecture, the Cathedral is worth visiting for its art (including medieval paintings, sculptures, goldsmith and silversmith pieces, tapestries, and a 16th century Bible) and the tomb of El Cid, the legendary Burgos hero.
    Other churches worth seeing are Santa Agueda where El Cid took his historic oath and The Huelgas Monastery founded by Leonora Plantagenet and Alfonso VIII (buried here). It contains a museum of medieval fabrics, suits of armor and other examples of medieval warfare "gear," including standards (those flags carried into battle).
    Museo de Burgos – Offers both fine arts and archaelogical exhibits. The archaeology exhibits cover objects from the Age of the Iron through the Roman occupation. The fine arts exhibits include objects from the Moorish influence, medieval painting, coins, as well as modern artists.
Around Burgos
      Go biking – Burgos was once an important part of the pilgrims' routes, but today few have the time or inclination to trek hundreds of miles on foot. With bigger kids (over nine) you can rent a bike and do part of the pilgrims' trail from Burgos to Hortiguela, about 40 miles or 60 kilometers. You'll go across a Roman bridge, through woods to the Monastery of San Pedro and pass through (stop at?) several charming villages worth pausing at for a rest and a drink.
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