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Seville - Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol is Seville old and new. Located in Plaza de la Encarnacion, it's a new urban plaza, with a soaring wooden structure, nicknamed "las setas" (mushrooms in Spanish). The plaza includes a kids' playground, observation deck (mirador) and cafe, and on the lower level, excavated Roman ruins in the Antiquarium.
  Antiquarium – Seville is an ancient city, called Hispalis in the Roman Empire, Isbilia in the Islamic era. Settled around 40 AD, just imagine cobblestone streets, city walls, sewers with running water, and vibrant commercial life with trade workshops. In the Antiquarium, kids stroll through 1,200 years of history on this location.
    Start with ruins of a 1st century AD salting factory, and tubs where fish were soaked brine. Also from this time period are a collection of oil lamps from a workshop.
    From the 1st to 3rd century, Roman workshops were replaced with private residences. In the houses, shallow pools and dining room floors were beautifully decorated with mosaics, which have been preserved. Mosaics have birds with flowers, head of Medusa with curling snakes, dolphins, knots and geometric designs.
    The House of the Columns is 4th - 5th century, has a lovely atrium with mosaic floor and columns that would have supported the roof around the courtyard. At the House of Bacchus, look for drinking vessels in the mosaics.
      In the 11th century, during the Islamic era, new one story houses were built, with central courtyard and gardens. Check out a lovely green and black plate with vegetable designs, and two handled water jars.
  Observation deck (Mirador) – Ride the mirador elevator to the top, then walk through the swooping spaces, with panoramic views of Seville all around. Especially fun for kids, little kids will enjoy being up high, but walkways are completely safe. From here is an especially good view of the Giralda tower and pointy spires of Seville Cathedral.
      Cafe on the observation deck is a great place to stop for a snack and cold drink.
      Tip: The observation deck is open at night, and the lights of Seville are magical.
  Playground – On the ground level is a small playground, perfect for toddlers, with a slide and those bouncy things.
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