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Basel (Bâle, Basle), situated on the Rhine River in the northwest corner of Switzerland, is the second largest city and a Swiss banking center. However, visiting Basel with kids, you'll discover a beautifully preserved medieval city to explore. Wander through streets lined with 15th century half-timber houses, go across the Rhine on a motor-less wooden ferry boat, look for basilisks, the symbol of Basel. In December, Basel becomes a city of stars - streets shine with star lights, Christmas markets are irresistible, and sweet shops are filled with every kind of cookie and chocolates.
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    Old City - Altstadt
    Along the Rhine River
    Basel Christmas Markets
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  Basel coat of arms & Basilisks – The coat of arms of Basel represents a bishop's curved staff (crosier), and often appears with one or two basilisks. Basilisks are mythical creatures, a serpent with crest on its head, powerful wings and claws, and a curling scaly tail.

Look for basilisks all around Basel – there are fountains with a green basilisk spouting water on Munsterberg, ObererRheinweg esplanade north side of the Rhine, Schlusselberg, and other streets. The best big basilisk statue is on the west side of Wettsteinbrucke.

    Ride the trams – Basel city center is quite compact, but when you want to go father afield, use the excellent public transportation, especially the trams. The central tram hub is Barfusserplatz.

Tip: Hotels will provide a free "mobility ticket," for unlimited rides on trams and buses during your stay in Basel.


Fun food


The traditional sweet of Basel is Lackerli, it's like a gingerbread (or spice) cookie. It comes in all shapes and sizes, rectangle is traditional, but at Christmas there are stars and the Basel coat of arms, dipped in chocolate too.


Hot chocolate in Basel is called Shoggi or Shokolade, and it's delicious. Visiting Basel in cold months, kids will want to try it at every cafe in Basel.


Tip: In Basel, on Sundays our favorite restaurants were all closed (it was winter). One location in Basel that's always open is the Bahnhof (central train station), and the hotels and restaurants around the train station.



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