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Blue Mosque
Turkey is a country that spans two continents, Europe and Asia, and its history encompasses thousands of years, from the Hittites, to ancient Greece and Rome, early Christians, followed by the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Wow! Traveling through Turkey with kids, climb up a replica of the Trojan horse, explore Ephesus, the Roman capital of Asia, check out cave homes of early Christians, walk through an underground cistern built by a Byzantine emperor, visit the palace of the Ottoman sultan, or just splash in the blue Aegean Sea.
    Mediterranean Coast – Troy, Ephesus
    Central Anatolia
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The Hungry Coat - A Tale from Turkey kids folk tale  

In a colorful retelling of a Turkish folktale, the wise man Nasrettin Hoca is invited to a banquet at the home a rich friend. When Nasrettin shows up in a tatty, worn coat, the other guests give him the cold shoulder, until they discover that “He who wears heaven in his heart is always well dressed.” Glowing illustrations, like miniaturist paintings. (Picture book)


The Trojan Horse
Albert Lorenz

The fortified city of Troy, surrounded by high stone walls, was invincible, until crafty Odysseus built a great wooden horse. The Trojans brought the horse inside the city, not knowing that the horse was filled with Greek soldiers. Action packed retelling of The Iliad and excellent re-creation illustrations of the walled city and Trojan horse. (Picture book)


turkey kids easy reader The Trojan Horse
The Hero Schliemann kids archeology turkey  
The Hero Schliemann
Laura Amy Schlitz, Robert Byrd

Heinrich Schliemann believed that Troy was a real city from ancient times and went about finding it. Not your usual archeologist, Schliemann ripped up the dirt at Hissarlik in Turkey, where he found buried treasure, lost cities, and the probable site of Homer’s Troy. (Illustrated chapter book)


The Prophet from Ephesus
Caroline Lawrence

81 A.D. Flavia, daughter of a Roman sea captain, and her three friends travel to Halicarnassus and Ephesus to track down a slave trader and stolen children. In Ephesus they meet a prophet of the new Christian religion and attend a festival at the great Temple of Artemis. Mystery adventure filled with info about ancient Turkey. (Chapter book)


turkey kids mystery The Prophet from Ephesus
Anna of Byzantium turkey kids books
Anna of Byzantium
Tracy Barrett

12th century, Constantinople. Anna is a brilliant scholar, the daughter of the emperor, and heir to the throne. But when her father dies, Anna’s willful younger brother becomes the new emperor, and her life is in danger. Based on historical events, the Byzantine empire is vividly brought to life. (Chapter book)


The Emperor's Winding Sheet
Jill Paton Walsh

Gripping novel of the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. A shipwrecked English boy is brought to the court of Constantine XI, the last emperor of Byzantium. (Chapter book)


The Emperor's Winding Sheet turkey kids constantinople
childrens books turkey Mosque  
David Macaulay

How a typical 16th century mosque in Turkey was built, from the foundations, to the walls of the prayer hall, and eight huge piers supporting a great dome, topped with a bronze crescent. The mosque complex also included a school for religious education, public kitchen, baths and fountains, a tomb, and minaret for call to prayer. (Picture book)


Sarah Shields

Get to know Turkey, situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Find out about its long history (Hittites, Romans, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires), geography, traditions and legends, people and culture, and modern Turkey today. Excellent maps and color photographs, good for older kids. (Illustrated chapter book)


Turkey - kids books Turkey
T is for Turkey kids books  
T is for Turkey
Nilufer Topaloglu Pyper, Propeepta Das

Turkey in pictures from A to Z – from Ataturk (first president of Turkey), to delicious food (maras ice cream, rose jam, simit snacks), games, sports, school, to Zurna, a musical instrument. (Picture book)


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