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Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake
There’s something magical about Great Salt Lake, a shimmering blue expanse in the middle of the desert. It’s very large and very salty (much saltier than the ocean); for the pioneers, the lake provided no fresh water and was a huge obstacle. Four rivers flow into the lake, but there’s no outlet, the lake shrinks through evaporation. The water temperature of the lake is typically 60 – 70 degrees, and kids will find it’s easy to float in the buoyant waters of Great Salt Lake.
    Antelope Island State Park – The best place to visit Great Salt Lake is this state park, situated on the largest island in the lake and connected to land by a causeway (you can drive there). Antelope Island is pretty big, you’ll want time to explore, so plan to spend the day.
      Go boating – Right where the causeway ends on the island is a small marina. Here you can rent pedal boats or two person kayaks.
      Visitor Center – Stop into the visitor center for an introduction to the geology and wildlife of Great Salt Lake. Find out how the lake was formed, the lake is home brine shrimp and many birds, in addition to the famous seagulls. Check out exhibits about the animals that live on Antelope island – bison herds, bighorn sheep, mule deer and eagles. Outside the visitor center are shaded picnic tables.
      Bridger Bay – Bridger Bay is best spot to wade or float in the lake. Bring your swim suits, but be prepared to walk some distance into the shallow lake to float properly. There are showers to wash off the salt water, restrooms, and shaded picnic areas.
      Tip: Float on your back, and don’t put your head in the water. Bring plenty of fresh drinking water along with you to the beach.
    Fielding Garr Ranch – In 1848, Fielding Garr began cattle ranching on the island. For a taste of the frontier life, wander around this old ranch, the barn and farm buildings, old ranch house kitchen, dining room and bedrooms, a stone house for keeping things cold. Picnic under the shade of big old trees, and practice pioneer activities such as candle making or lassoing.
      Bison herds – On the road to the ranch, look for herds of bison peacefully grazing in the grasslands.
      Go for two hour horseback rides to the western side of the island with R & G Horseback Riding. Trail rides are year round, for kids 8 and up.
    Great Salt Lake State Park – If you don’t have time to go to Antelope Island State Park, there’s access to Great Salt Lake off Interstate 80, Exit 104. Walk down the beach, wade or float in the water, there are showers to wash off feet and salty bodies.
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