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Wales, the land of Merlin (Myrddin Emrys in Welsh) and the red dragon. The mist rising from lakes and dark green valleys is an invitation to explore further with kids – from great crumbling 13th century castles on rocky crags to underground caverns and mines, deep under the mountains.

North Wales

    Snowdonia National Park
    Mid Wales
    West Wales
    South Wales
      Tip: Wales has steam trains, originally built to carry ore or timber. These trains pass through some absolutely glorious scenery, some places you can't get to by car. Steam trains have appeal for kids (is it all that puffy white smoke) and this is the perfect thing for a day trip.

Fun food


At tea time, try Welsh Rarebit, essentially cheese on toast, or Bara Brith (Speckled Bread) with lots of honey. The "speckles" are dried fruit or dates.




Celtic jewellry is fun, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches. For the more industrially minded, bring back a real miner's lamp or other souvenirs from the coal, slate and gold mines.

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A String in the Harp fantasy kids wales  

When twelve-year old Peter Morgan finds a silver key in the rocks above the sea, it unlocks a parallel world, a place of magic and Taliesin, the renowned 6th century Welsh storyteller. Peter and his two sisters become part of a pattern, to complete Taliesin's story, begun long ago in The Mabinogion. (Chapter book)


David Macaulay

How 13th century Welsh castles were built – choosing the site, stone work, fortifications, and where to put all the bathrooms (garderobes). A great read before you explore ruined castles in Wales. (Picture book)


Castle David Macaulay
wales kids fantasy Merlin and the Dragons  
Merlin and the Dragons
Jane Yolen, Li Ming

Young Merlin in Wales, as the boy Emrys, dreams of a stone tower that cannot stand and two dragons that foretell the future of King Vortigern. (Picture book)



Emrys, a young boy, washes up on the coast of Wales with no memory, but discovers he has the power of second sight. In the epic battle between Dagda and the evil Rhita Gawr, Emrys is the key. A super Merlin fantasy story. (Chapter book)


Merlin: The Lost Years wales childrens books fantasy
childrens books wales The Wyvern's Treasure
The Wyvern's Treasure
R.L. LaFevers

The wyverns, giant winged dragons, are belching fire and smoke in Snowdonia. Nate and his intrepid aunt venture into the fabled caverns of Dinas Emrys to parley with the wyverns, before it's too late. (Illustrated chapter book)



In The Grey King, young Will Stanton and the boy Bran go up to Cader Idris to claim the golden harp and awaken the Sleepers, riding on the wind. Will, Bran, and the three Drew children seek the crystal sword of Eirias in Silver on the Tree, the final book of The Dark is Rising. A captivating series that weaves Welsh lore with the King Arthur legends. (Chapter books)


The Grey King arthur legend kids wales
The Seal Children traditional tale wales  
The Seal Children
Jackie Morris

A selkie, one of the sea people, falls in love with a Welsh fisherman, and sets aside her salty sealskin to live on land. She sings songs to her children of foam palaces and cities of gold and pearls beneath the ocean, but the day comes when the selkie must return to the sea. Exquisite watercolor illustrations. (Picture book)


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