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Tuolumne Meadows - Tioga Photos
  lyell fork tuolumne meadows yosemite  
  Tuolumne Meadows  
  trout tuolumne river yosemite  
  Trout in the river  
  tuolumne meadows sierra wildflowers yosemite  
  Sierra wildflowers  
  trail elizabet  
  Trail to Elizabeth Lake  
  tuolumne meadows marmot yosemite  
  Chubby marmot  
  tenaya lake yosemite  
  Tenaya Lake  
  california mule deer tuolumne meadows yosemite  
  California mule deer  
  bennettville tioga road yosemite  
  Old assay office, 19th century Bennettville  
  olmsted point yosemite  
  Olmsted Point  
  View of Half Dome from Olmsted Point  
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