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British Museum Photos
  egyptian amenhotep iii  
  Egyptian Amenhotep III  
  elgin marbles parthenon marble relief  
  Parthenon marble frieze, rider and horse  
  anglo-saxon sutton hoo helmet  
  Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet (reconstructed)  
  the great wave painting hokusai  
  Hokusai The Great Wave  
  assyrian wall relief, eagle protective spirit  
  Eagle protective spirit, Assyrian wall relief  
  golden model chariot persian achaemenid  
  Persian golden model chariot  
  etruscan terra cotta temple decoration  
  Etruscan temple decoration  
  king ivory chess pieces lewis chessmen  
  Ivory chess pieces, Lewis Chessmen  
  mildenhall great dish hoxne treasure neptune  
  Neptune (Oceanus), Roman Hoxne Treasure  
  japanese porcleain elephant  
  Japanese porcelain elephant  
  Egyptian mummy priest Hornedjitef  
  Egyptian mummy priest Hornedjitef  
  easter island moai statue  
  Easter Island moai statue  
  medieval royal gold cup british museum  
  Medieval Royal Gold Cup  
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